The child sick parents can easily seasonal diet to conditioning children body in the autumn in Nanjing is particularly short, a blink of an eye the temperature falls more than ten degrees. Every season, all the children began to cough! The heart of my father and mother began to catch up with them, and they would not be able to suffer the pain for the children. In order to adjust the body to the children, mom and dad really use all kinds of methods, traditional Chinese medicine, Western Medicine… These are not as effective as early prevention. As the saying goes, not drug Sibu in this season, the children how to eat in the diet? We invited a five star ginger chef to be a guest of the big Soviet Union. What should we pay attention to in the autumn of the parents and children’s diet? The child should fill the body clean up to drink more water, avoid spicy autumn dry, very prone to chapped lips, nasal bleeding, dry skin and other fire phenomenon in children. Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to moisturizing and drying, clearing away heat, detoxifying and digesting vegetables, such as carrot, winter melon, tremella, lotus root, etc., and also pay attention to eating spicy food such as onion, ginger, garlic and pepper. It is also necessary to replenish water for children in time. Besides drinking white boiled water everyday, mothers can also use snow pear or pomelo peel to boil water for their babies to drink, and also play the role of moistening lung, relieving cough and strengthening the spleen and appetizing. In addition, autumn children are prone to digestive system diseases. They should pay special attention to diet hygiene and eat cold drinks to avoid irritation to young intestines and stomach. Children should eat fruit in autumn mainly with pomelo and Sydney, orange is easy to have internal heat, children should eat less. Clearing up is more suitable for children and children. Because the spleen and stomach are relatively weak, there are many things that can not be absorbed, and it is easy to cause diarrhea and abdominal distension. Therefore, children need to fill in the body. Best recommended dishes: 1, sugar Sydney soup health effects: pear Qingfei phlegm, thirst, blood sugar, and stomach, spleen, lungs and cough wolfberry: lungs, hypolipidemic, lowering blood pressure, 2 auxiliary functions: dove dove Tang Jiankang meat: vitality, brain tonic God, improve memory: Anshen, red dates the spleen and stomach, blood lipid: dangshen spleen, lung, Qi and child physique may picky parents need to improve the cooking some parents may not pay attention to food color collocation in shape and appearance, or the daily recipes are not too big difference, continue to let the children eat the same food, it is difficult to let the children repeat aversion to a food. Children are always more intuitive. If the dishes are beautiful, children will eat the first bite. After that, children will continue to eat, so children are choosy and are also linked with their parents’ minds and cooking skills. Regular meals are regular children can not eat on time, eating snacks too much, will affect the appetite, the saying "hungry sweet as honey, when full honey is not sweet". The child’s stomach is not big, the stomach food emptying needs 3—-4 hours, to eat time hungry feeling, eat to fragrance. If it is not time to eat, but snacks, crispy rice, cookies, drinks, eat and drink. There is food in the stomach, the stomach will not rest, this time for children to eat no appetite, he has no appetite and good things, naturally fussy. Jiang Dachu’s own childcare process can be said that Jiang Dachu was on the road because of his family. When the chef is young, food can be full, but it will never be delicately delicious. Jiang Dachu began to cook family at dinner time showing satisfaction is the driving force, he learned to cook later, he really love this occupation, in this way, a walk is decades… Because the cook basically did not leave, the chef accompany the child when it becomes little. Every time the chef goes home, the child has fallen asleep, and the two interaction time for the father and son is very little. The chef always feels guilty every time he looks at his child’s expectation. There is no rest day, can not accompany the children to play, each time only a few words to go home, father and son two time is far from enough. But the chef does not regret it. "Because I really like to be a cook," the chef’s eyes were shining! "I hope my child can find what he likes, and be able to do it for a lifetime!" The parents hope children taught, young parents are eager to do everything in the intellectual investment on children. Children have no interest, no learning requirements, parents are just bundles and coercion, and children are not good at learning. Parents must never abuse their authority and force their children to do what they do not want to do. Even if it is a good thing, the parents’ demands are correct, and they can only be patiently guided, and they can never do it alone. Do not force children to do things that they do not like, should respect the child’s choice. Today’s topic: do you do something to nourish the child? Send your opinion to our WeChat public number "Q treasure pioneer" backstage, and have the opportunity to get a beautiful gift.

孩子换季易生病 家长可以饮食来调理孩子身体南京的秋天特别短暂,一眨眼温度就下降个十几度.每逢换季,孩子就开始各种咳咳咳!,爸爸妈妈的心也开始跟着揪起来,恨不得替孩子受这些痛苦!为了给孩子调理身体,爸爸妈妈真是各种方法都用尽了,中医、西医…这些都不如提前预防来的管用。俗话说,药补不如食补在这个季节,孩子在饮食上应该怎么吃呢?我们请到了五星姜大厨做客大苏直播间,聊聊秋季的亲子饮食该注意哪些?孩子补身体应以清补为主多喝水,忌辛辣秋季天干物燥,孩子很容易出现嘴唇干裂、鼻腔出血、皮肤干燥等上火现象。因此妈妈们应注意多给孩子吃些润燥生津、清热解毒及有助消化的蔬菜,如胡萝卜、冬瓜、银耳、莲藕等,还要注意少食葱、姜、蒜、辣椒等辛辣食物。及时为孩子补充水分也是相当必要的,除日常饮用白开水外,妈妈们还可以用雪梨或柚子皮煮水给宝宝喝,同样能起到润肺止咳、健脾开胃的功效。另外,秋季孩子易生消化系统疾病,需特别注意饮食卫生,少吃冷饮,以免对幼嫩的肠胃造成刺激;再有,西瓜是极寒类水果,秋季多食易伤脾胃,因此不要给孩子吃。孩子秋季吃水果应以柚子和雪梨为主,橘子容易生内热,孩子应当少吃。清补更适合孩子孩子由于脾胃比较弱,有很多东西都吸收不了,容易导致腹泻、腹胀,所以孩子需要补身体应以清补为主。最佳菜品推荐:1、冰糖雪梨汤健康功效:梨:清肺化痰、生津止渴、补血冰糖:和胃、健脾、润肺止咳枸杞子:润肺、辅助降血脂、辅助降血压2、鸽子汤健康功效:鸽子肉:生机活力、健脑补神,提高记忆力红枣:安神、补脾胃、辅助降血脂党参:健脾、补肺、益气挑食可能和孩子体质有关家长有必要提高厨艺有的家长可能不注意食物的颜色搭配形状外观,或者每天的食谱都没有太大的差别,不断让孩子吃同样的食物,这样的重复很难不让孩子对某种食物产生厌恶感。孩子总是更直观,菜品只有做的美观以后,孩子才会吃第一口,做到美味以后,孩子才会继续吃,所以孩子挑食其实也和父母的心思和厨艺挂钩。定时进餐有规律孩子不能按时定量进餐,吃零食太多,就会影响食欲,俗话说"饿吃甜如蜜,饱时蜜不甜"。孩子的胃本来就不大,胃内食物排空需要3—-4小时,到了吃饭时间有饥饿感觉,吃饭就香。如果不是定时吃饭,而是点心,锅巴,饼干,各种饮料,乱吃乱喝。胃内总有食物,胃就得不到休息,这样到吃饭时间孩子就没了食欲,再好的东西他也没胃口,自然就挑三拣四。姜大厨自己的育儿历程可以说姜大厨走上这条路是因为家人。姜大厨小时候食物能够温饱,但绝不会有现在的精致美味。姜大厨从小就开始做饭,家人在吃饭时候流露出的满足感,是他学习厨师的动力,到后来,他真正喜欢上了这个职业,在这条路上,一走就是数十载…由于厨师基本没有休假,大厨陪伴孩子的时间就变的很少。每次大厨回家孩子已经入睡,父子两个互动的时间很少。每次望向孩子期盼的眼光,大厨总是会觉得有所愧疚。没有休息日,不能陪孩子去玩,每次回家只有寥寥几句的谈话,父子两相处的时间远远不够。然而大厨并不后悔。“因为我是真正的喜欢做厨师的”,当时大厨的眼神在发光!“我希望我的孩子也能找到他自己喜欢的事,并且能够做一辈子!”家长们都希望儿女成才,年轻的父母更是望子成龙心切,在儿女的智力投资上不惜一切。孩子没有兴趣,没有学习的要求,父母只是管束和强迫,孩子是学不好的。作父母的绝不可以滥用自己的权威,强迫子女做他们所不愿做的事。哪怕是好事,父母的要求是正确的,也只能耐心地开导,绝不能一意孤行。千万不要强迫孩子做不喜欢的事,应该尊重孩子的选择。今日话题:你会做些滋补的东西给孩子吃吗?把你的看法发到我们微信公众号“Q宝先锋”后台来,有机会获得精美礼品~相关的主题文章: