Jiangxi scenic tourism consumption of the new phenomenon of self driving car camp construction to open a new "money king" – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn September 29th to greet National Day, Le’an County Jin Zhu Xiang culture of She nationality in the auditorium, the girls happily danced the traditional dance. Newspaper reporter Lin Jun Preface: "the world is so big, I want to see." Tourism has become a daily choice for the residents of our country. At the moment of the arrival of mass tourism and national tourism, the dynamic and new trend of tourism development is closely linked with everyone. The new standards for the elderly travel, the Internet tour guide become a reality, the VR travel product will be born soon… This year, the new consumption demand is constantly adapted, the traditional tourism industry is trying to transform and upgrade to better serve the public. "13th Five-Year" is a period of tourism in our province to carry catch opportunity, comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the critical period of deepening reform, innovation period and the construction of tourism province battle. This newspaper will pay attention to the new phenomenon of tourism consumption in our province, the new trends, the new consumer demand, and the convenience for the mass travel. Holiday is not a famous scenic spot, but driving to the quiet place around the city, chatting with relatives and friends, enjoying the beautiful scenery. Because of the characteristic of traveling and stopping by self driving travel, the self driving car camping has become a rising tourism mode and a new consumption phenomenon. Mr. Chen, a veteran RV player in our province, has a lot of feelings about it. "10 years ago when the car went to Wuyuan to play, we were watched for a long time. Spring Festival this year, and the family in Hainan Island around the island a week, every day living on the beach, our car became a ‘sea view room’. " At the time, he said, there were other houses on the beach, and the slow lifestyle of the car camping representatives began to be accepted by more people. The construction of camp is the most important thing since the development of car camping. In recent years, many national departments have issued a series of documents about speeding up the construction of self driving RV camps. With the support of national policies, all parts of the country are speeding up the construction of self driving RV camps. In July, the construction and promotion of car camps in our province was held in Mount Sanqingshan. According to the person in charge of the Provincial Tourism Development Commission, self driving car tourism is a new form of tourism development. It is in the initial stage in our province and has a broad development prospect. Reporters learned that the relevant implementation ideas are expected to come out in the year. They will make full use of existing resources to integrate tourism development with urban construction and beautiful countryside construction. Mount Sanqingshan Dayun RV holiday camp is the province’s first home caravan holiday camp. In September 27th, Mount Sanqingshan fairy Valley Scenic Area, the reporter saw some modern RV and the surrounding paddy fields, people’s homes, such as landscape Xiangyingchengqu pastoral scenery. In addition to the RV, there are wooden houses, tents and other ways of living for tourists to choose from. According to the deputy director of the office of Mount Sanqingshan maple Gan Zhicheng, the camp and fishing, swimming, picking and other crops for tourists to choose additional items. "We create a" mountain tour live "concept, stay overnight visitors, to further promote the economic development of rural tourism." During the Spring Festival in 2015, about 70% of the tourists came to Mount Sanqingshan, and the proportion was 80% during the Spring Festival this year. Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area Administration Bureau relevant responsible person said, as Mount Sanqingshan tourism industry transformation and upgrade, Dayun RV campsite is a five star garden pastoral landscape boutique car parks, Mount Sanqingshan is also in the construction of Jiangxi new industry demonstration area in the process of building tourism. It is understood that the construction of the camp also actively promotes the poverty alleviation work for the surrounding villagers. Dozens of farmers open the door to welcome guests and provide 200 to 300 jobs. During the Mid Autumn Festival, more than 30 tourists came to the camp to attend the festival. Many people of RV camping for the first time experience, spent a wonderful night in "three under" beautiful scenery. In September 22nd, the National Tourism Bureau, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of land, housing and urban construction department, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly issued "on the 2016 self driving car camp construction notice", and issued a national 514 project construction camp table. It is noted that the number of camps in Jiangxi is 22, and the country is ranked seventh, of which 4 are planning to open by the end of this year. Because of the popularity of more tourists, many large tourist agencies have been sensitive to business opportunities, and they have entered the city’s RV to camp in the market. Since 2015, the donkey mother has launched the special "RV camping" channel, which combines dozens of famous professional RV camping sites to launch dozens of high-quality RV self driving camping products. China brigade and Jiangxi monsoon RV camping group tourism project signing ceremony held during the 2016 Jiangxi tourism industry expo. Jiangxi jihoufeng RV camping Group Chairman Huang Feiteng said: "although the slow development of the Jiangxi market, but our car sales market in the country ahead, many Jiangsu guests will find our car. A domestic car, cheap as long as two million." The reporter also learned that Jiangling group by virtue of its advantages in the field of commercial vehicles, vehicle’s good momentum of development, in the "13th Five-Year plan" period, the vehicle production and sales reached 2000 units. Self driving car camping is an upgraded version of self driving travel. This highly free and cyclical leisure travel mode is a significant embodiment of personalized travel in the era of mass tourism. Insiders said that our province has rich tourism resources and continuous improvement of expressway network. Camping base construction and RV production and sales have obvious advantages. Self driving camping will become a new economic growth point. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun) 江西景区旅游消费出现新现象 自驾车房车营地建设开启新“钱景” –江西频道–人民网 9月29日,为迎接国庆,乐安县金竹畲族乡文化礼堂内,畲族姑娘们欢快地跳起了畲族传统舞蹈。本报记者 林 君摄 前言: “世界那么大,我想去看看。”旅游已成为我国居民日常性的消费选择。在大众旅游、全民旅游已经到来的当下,旅游业发展的动态与新趋势与每个人紧紧相连。新的老年游标准实施、网约导游成为现实、VR旅行产品即将诞生……今年,新的消费需求不断被同步适应,传统旅游业态正努力转型升级以更好服务大众。 “十三五”时期是我省旅游业奋力进位赶超的机遇期、全面转型升级的关键期、深化改革创新的攻坚期和建设旅游强省的决战期。本报将关注我省旅游消费的新现象,新动态,研判新的消费需求,为大众出游提供便利。 节假日不是去著名景点,而是驾车去城市周边的安静之地,与亲朋聊天谈心,享受美景。由于自驾旅行即走即停的特点,使自驾车房车露营成为逐渐兴起的旅游方式和消费新现象。 我省资深房车玩家陈先生对此感受颇多。“10年前开房车去婺源玩时,被大家围观了好久。今年春节,和全家在海南岛环岛一周,每天住在海边,我们的房车成了‘海景房’。”他表示,当时海滩也有其他房车驻扎,房车露营代表的慢生活方式开始被更多人接受。 自驾车房车露营的发展,营地建设是重中之重。近年来,国家多部门出台了一系列关于加快自驾车房车营地建设文件,在国家政策的支持下,各地正加快自驾车房车营地建设。 7月,我省自驾车房车营地建设推进会在三清山召开。据省旅发委相关负责人介绍,自驾车房车旅游是旅游发展的新兴业态,在我省处于起步阶段,发展前景广阔。记者了解到,相关实施意见有望年内出台,会充分利用现有资源将旅游开发与城市建设、美丽乡村建设有机结合。 三清山大云房车度假营地是全省第一家房车度假营地。9月27日,在三清山神仙谷景区内,记者看到一些现代化房车与周边稻田、民舍、山水等田园风光相映成趣。 除了房车,营地里还有木屋、帐篷等其他居住方式供游客选择。据三清山枫林办事处副主任甘志成介绍,该营地还有钓鱼、游泳、农作物采摘等附加项目供游客自主选择。“我们打造‘山上游山下住’的理念,留下游客过夜,进一步促进乡村旅游经济发展。” 2015年春节期间,自驾来三清山旅游的游客约占70%,今年春节期间,比例达80%。 三清山风景区管委会旅游局相关负责人表示,作为三清山旅游产业转型升级的代表项目,大云房车营地是一座五星级的园林式田园风景精品房车营地,也是三清山在建设江西旅游示范景区进程中打造的新兴业态。据了解,该营地建设还积极推动对周边村民的扶贫工作,数十家农家乐开门迎客,提供200个至300个就业岗位。中秋期间,30多名游客来到此营地参加赏月会。不少人对房车露营有了初次体验,在“三清天下秀”的美景里度过美好一夜。 9月22日,国家旅游局、公安部、交通运输部、国土资源部、住房和城乡建设部、国家工商总局联合发出《关于加快2016自驾车房车营地建设的通知》,并同步发出全国514个营地建设的项目表。记者注意到,江西的营地数量为22个,全国排名第七,其中4个计划今年年底前开业。 因受更多游客青睐,很多大型旅游机构敏感地嗅到了商机,纷纷入市房车露营市场掘金。 从2015年开始,驴妈妈自驾游版块特设“房车露营”频道,联合众多知名的专业房车露营地为游客推出数十条优质房车自驾露营产品。 中国国旅与江西季候风房车露营集团的旅游项目签约仪式在2016江西旅游产业博览会期间举办。江西季候风房车露营集团董事长黄飞腾表示:“虽然江西市场发展较慢,但我们的房车销量在全国市场上走在前面,很多江浙沪的客人会找我们买车。一辆国产房车,便宜的只要二三十万元。” 记者还了解到,江铃集团借助其在商用车领域的优势,旗下旅居车发展势头良好,计划在“十三五”期间,其旅居车产销量达到2000辆。 自驾车房车露营是自驾出游的“升级版”,这种自由度高、周期自住的休闲旅游方式是大众旅游时代下,出游个性化的显著体现。业内人士表示,我省旅游资源丰富,高速公路网络不断完善,露营基地建设与房车生产、销售都具有明显优势,自驾车露营将成为新的经济增长点。 (责编:吴若、帅筠)相关的主题文章: