Golf The swing of the golf club is about both the body and the golf club hitting the golf ball in the middle of the club face. In order to achieve great golf swings you must have good balance and a coordinated sequence of body, hand, and golf club. The body movement involves turning your body on the upswing of the golf club at a ninety degree angle with your back to the target and turning your body on the downswing of the golf club at a ninety degree angle ending with your chest or body front facing the target. Hold your .pleted body position to help keep your balance. Seven Steps for a Better Golf Swing are: 1. Body balance or your stance 2. Correct grip or hand positioning 3. Coordinated sequence of arm, hand positioning, and golf club 4. Correct shoulder, hip, knee, and feet positioning for ninety degree turn 5. Hoilding head still and focusing your eyes on the ball 6. Follow through from beginning to end of stroke 7. Hold body positioning pose at finish to maintain balance. When you are done practicing all 7 of the steps above you have to put them together. It helps some people to rhythm self talk or sing a few words to a song or repeat words of a rhyme to give the consistent smooth rhythm which will coordinate the movements. The best way to perfect a golf swing is to: 1. Practice or rehearse a single golf swing at a time until the movement is appropriately ingrained into both mental and body memory 2. Practice with accuracy as you do not want to implant wrong messages to the brain or the body 3. Rehearse while fresh and alert 4. Stop when tired Well, you may imagine why it’s vital that you practice with some accuracy. If you have doubts, questions, or it doesn’t feel correct ask a pro golf tutor where you play to analyze your performance and make re.mendations for improvements. The golf score reflects the performance. In any kind of sport as soon as errors begin showing up it is said; ‘go back to basics’. 1. Practice mental and physical preparation drills and techniques 2. Gain knowledge from professional golfers 3. Gather experiences playing golf often The results of the above three faithfully followed equal a great game of golf performed by an outstanding golfer. Do not be extremely tough on yourself because you’re learning or making your golf game better The truth of your performance is between your abilities and the golf course. You and your talents control the out.e of the score. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: