Economic Daily: Manage Internet advertising is to develop – the media – original title: good to the development of the "Interim Measures" of the Internet advertising management highlights the characteristics of Internet advertising, efforts to solve the urgent problems in the grass-roots law enforcement supervision, by the majority of users praise. But there are voices in the industry believe that the Internet advertising tube too dead, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, and even said that the Internet advertising will die on a tube". In fact, this need not worry. From a regulatory point of view, to encourage the healthy development of Internet advertising attitude is very clear. The focus of the interim measures to combat and curb, is a serious impact on the normal use of users, seriously misleading consumers to choose the normal, free to add links to product advertising. Not long before, Secretary of State Administration for Industry and commerce advertising director Zhang Guohua made it clear that the pop-up ads to ensure close, but for the advertisement is not included. Therefore, the "Interim Measures" is not the focus of the Internet advertising industry pipe smoothly, but to allow the industry to get rid of lawless barbaric growth, go on the road of healthy development. From the point of view of the implementation of the policy, the full range of supervision and classification of various types of advertising policy direction is very clear. The face of massive Internet advertising, how to timely review will be a new test. Relevant departments will actively explore the use of big data, Internet + regulatory approach, and strengthen the construction of the advertising monitoring system, and constantly improve the level of modern advertising supervision. Meanwhile, the Internet advertising monitoring center is also accelerating the construction. The purpose of technical follow-up is to achieve the most scientific and efficient supervision of Internet advertising, to create a good environment for the overall development of the industry. The advertising market order and strict management, and not to put advertisement dead, but let the advertising industry to develop more healthily, better for the economic and social development efforts, for the consumer service. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: