It is comparable to the hidden magic magic Royal toy machinery and the secret of time – Sohu if you are a mechanical control, there is a movie that is absolutely not to be missed, the 2011 Oscar winning film "Hugo’s Secret". The film tells the story of a 12 year old orphan, Hugo, who was taken to his uncle’s care in Paris in 1930s. His job was to maintain the normal work of the clock at the train station in the city of. Hugo lives in the walls of the train station, the shuttle in the bustling crowd, hiding in the rear of the clock, observing travellers, full of hidden secrets. The only legacy his dead father had left him was a broken robot. To fix it, Hugo had to find a heart-shaped key, which he believed was the message his father had left him. Show the sophisticated mechanical motion scenes in the movie, eye-opening people greatly. This magical scene is not the screen was purely imaginary, mechanical world is real, this is what we often say "mechanical puppet, it was the Royal luxury toys, sophisticated internal comparable toys, just rely on talent and ingenuity of craftsmen in hand. In early 1774, the Swiss luxury watchmaking brand yakedeluo founder, Pierre yakedeluo mechanical genius made automatic doll machine "writer", which was the wonderful mechanical process. "The writer" was about 70 cm high, three year old boy appearance, he sat in the Louis fifteen style stool, be absorbed in waving quill, dipping in the ink, while writing, while wink nod. "Writer" can continuously write an essay of 40 letters, a total of four lines of phrases. Chinese meaning of the text we most often see "writer" picture "yakedeluo automatic doll in Neuchatel". Cam system and internal Doll "painter" similar, can make the action of hand writing. The text is controlled by the gear wheel, the gear length determines the automatic doll will write what letters, no external dare can continuously write. The other two eponymous automatic doll works "musicians" and "artist" by Pierre’s son yakedeluo design. "The artist" can draw four pictures, they are: Louis fifteen, Louis fifteen and a portrait of Queen Marie? Antoinette, dog images and Cupid ride by pulling the chariot scene butterfly. The musician played five different melodies, played by a robotic doll on a real organ. Her chest with the breath and look after with hand movements, like a pipe organ real home, let the audience to distinguish reality and illusion. The writer (The Writer) "(The Musician)" musicians "and another" painter (The Draughtsman) "and" automatic doll called yakedeluo mechanical Doll (Jaquet Droz Automata) ", by virtue of outstanding technology, these three works shocked Europe aqueen. Today, at the Museum of fine arts and history in Neuchatel, switzerland.相关的主题文章: