In November the best travel list. Autumn is at these places – the National Tourism Sohu Meicheng Wonderland past, new year’s Day is also not to, no holiday in November, is the most beautiful moment of the year. In November, Jiangnan Ruqiu, central China have been dyed golden; the North began to snow, Southern China is still like summer sunny…… China in November, in different directions, can see different scenery. Even if there is no holiday, please leave to go out and see ~ TOP1: Suizhou Yongxing village for North 30° another thousand years of miracle of 30 degrees north latitude, this mysterious and strange weft, runs through the Bermuda Triangle, Egyptian pyramids, Mount Qomolangma, the Sahara and so on, in Hubei and Suizhou, and the same a 30 degrees north latitude to create a miracle — the world’s largest ancient ginkgo scenic area, is located here. Here as "Nie concealed woman" was filmed and famous, November, autumn wind up, yellow leaves dancing, just want to lie in this natural carpet in a dream. Treading on the fallen leaves squeak squeak, both cautious and cheerful mood. Because of the ginkgo community and around semi hilly terrain, rivers and lakes in mountainous rural farm organic combination, silhouetted against each other, forming an elegant local natural picture. Just want to forget the hustle and bustle of the big city, into this golden feast, breath of pastoral! Address: Yongxing Zengdou District Hubei town of TOP2 village in Luoyang city of Suizhou Province: Huize Lake read the list of reasons: waterfowl sunset and the quiet beauty of thinking ("National Geographic Map: Chinese @ fan Miyun) in Yunnan in November, the gorgeous autumn people and dizzying, and you only like this little green lake Wang Zhanlan. At 2500 meters above sea level in the Yunnan plateau, there is a beautiful and magical red earth, read the lake, in this quiet beautiful bloom. No red coloured, only scattered on the lake several strains of the reflection of the trees; no tourists and hotel too much, only the evening sunset silhouette drunk and wilderness; the most beautiful scenery, but also to the number of water around the black necked cranes, white goose…… You may have never thought, there is a land of idyllic beauty here. Here every year in November, a large number of birds come here for the winter, the silence of the mountains, deep lake, red land, clever birds, a peaceful and harmonious picture here. Address: Yunnan province Huize County Bridge Township TOP3 Ina Kio Deng Si: list of reasons: to see the most beautiful Daocheng in a faded (long figure: @ Daocheng said that the timely rain) is the best time to travel from September to October, but in early November, when tourists gradually fade, to see the most beautiful and true Daocheng. Seen, grassland and red Haizishan acres of Yang Lin, but never forget that city full of unique Tibetan Shugden temple. It has gone through the transformation of the soil, experienced the cultural revolution, can be described as a lot of stories. Now, after repair of the male Deng Si is a 3000 square meters of the three main hall, central hall has 88 column Buddha Hall, while the size of bar empty 87 buildings, very spectacular. In October and November were Tibetan chanting activities, groups of nodes!相关的主题文章: