Yangzhou 14 year old girl hanged at home due to imitate the family for the treatment of cervical National Day just past, Baoying Sheyang Town, the residents are in grief, their 14 year old daughter gone forever. On the evening of 7, Baoying Sheyang Town, the tragedy occurred, a 14 year old girl in the family for the treatment of cervical headgear will undoubtedly sling, the family has found no signs of life in the girl’s house hanging in a sling "poor little girl home in the sling." Yesterday, the Baoying reader Yang Fei (a pseudonym) calls, Sheyang Town, the tragedy occurred, a girl hanged at home. Yang Fei said, things happen in the evening of 7, Jiang Zhuang Sheyang Town, a girl at home after finishing my homework, went home in the west wing, the family found, has been in the sling. Family quickly called neighbors and call 120, and other emergency personnel rushed to find the girl has no signs of life. "Just 14 years old, on the first day." Yang Fei said, I heard the girls do well, we heard that after the surprise. After the incident, the family grief, is currently funeral. Suspected of learning to treat cervical spondylosis in the end what is the reason, let the girl hanging at home hanging suffocated? Mr Leung said the people of Baoying, heard that the National Day holidays, girls often a person at home, the accident, and may imitate the family about the treatment of cervical. Mr Leung said, there is a West Wing of the sling roof, usually is the mother of the child for the treatment of cervical spine with tensile, sling the ground height about 1 meters 7. The girl is only 1 meters 5, when there is an accident stool." The reporter contacted several villagers said they felt the girl Dutch act is unlikely, is likely to do homework for a long time the neck uncomfortable, out of curiosity, imitation family usually moves the head hanging in the sling, did not expect the accident. At present, the specific cause of death in the girl’s home, still pending further investigation by the police. Minors in the home accident, a similar tragedy, had happened before. The evening of August 5, 2014, Gaoyou Xie Jia Zhen Boqin fishing village tragedy occurred: a 6 year old girl standing on a stool playing in the laundry stick side, did not expect to bypass the crony clothes wrapped around his neck on a stick, stool slip, the whole people were so tightly in the clothes on a stick, the mother of the no signs of life. Global child safety organization survey shows: accidental injury has become the leading cause of death in children aged 1-14. The child’s security is parents are most concerned about, but sometimes some "invisible killer" let us impossible to guard against the child’s life safety threat to. 1 dangers lurking humble gadgets may become "killer" Keywords: pull rope, buttons, small jewelry in Henan city of Zhoukou province in a kindergarten, 3 years old to decline the vast slide, SWEATER HAT rope together reined in his neck, causing the esophagus things into the esophagus and choke to death Guangdong Dongguan kindergarten; 5 year old boy playing on the slide, accidentally with a knot rope Le neck collar leading to suffocation…… This example can let parents appear. In addition to the clothes on the rope, buttons, pearls or diamonds and other accessories are hidden danger. Once the child swallowed the clothes button was stuck, a crying, originally stuck in the throat button into the trachea, had to pass相关的主题文章: