The Qiao Renliang memorial ceremony held today Tang Yan Wei Gan issued a tribute to Li Xiaolu Tang Yan Wei Gan micro-blog micro-blog micro-blog screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot micro-blog micro-blog Zheng Kai Amber Kuo Wallace Huo studio issued a micro-blog Qiao Renliang Memorial will be held at the Jing Bairan Zhao Liying Joe Chen masks to conceal his grief Tencent entertainment news today, Qiao Renliang memorial service was held in Shanghai, many fans of the stars appeared, Tang Yan farewell, Wei Gan, big left also issued a tribute. Tang Yan: Missy, I will always remember you, @ Wei Gan: can’t see you, always can not accept this reality, do not want to face the reality. Brother, all the way. @ Li Xiaolu: to the far away… Wave a wave… Small tooth… Well… @ Chen Xiao: Farewell @ Wang Zhuanjun: I am in New York, I have the time difference, a lot of things a little slower, there are some things I can’t react, so do not go. I heard that there is a date tomorrow, I couldn’t catch the past, too many people do not love me. You know, the best thing is to steal a small bar to find a big drink, like the Chinese New year. But I shot back also not to see you because they say from you again. Okay, remember to bring your hat to you, is your love movie and your favorite show powder… And you always say that JGD what I mean to forget, so when you meet again to explain to me, although this will be a long time, but always see you. And if you don’t finish it, say it again. Good night, wish you have a good dream。 Zheng Kai: the last time I saw almost a year ago, a door, I was ready to get on the train to leave, one hand patted me on the shoulder and said: "Hello, can you sign a name, just as I surprised who is back, KIMI stood there, his face filled with youthful Yang, light, with a trace of practical joke succeed pride, his rise in the mouth that I remember, he is happy at the time! Simple chat a few words, they hurried away, and now want to regret not to say a few words. Farewell, my brother in Shanghai, I will miss you, let the person of heaven can treat you, Qiao Renliang KIMI. Big left: not to send you today. Originally wanted to go, but later, tangled for a long time. Well, I can’t face it. The question asked, the send sent. You give uncle aunt a dream, let them rest assured. I know you’re happy and sad. We are not bad, there are some helpless. Let me last @ you once @ Qiao Renliang @ Amber Kuo: Amen. Children @ Jiro Wang: Snow Queen all comrades Memorial Kimi Kimi together to send a last hope, Kimi all the way @ Dylan Kuo: Snow Queen Memorial Kimi Kimi sent all the comrades in arms, the last process, Kimi all the way! Reno Wang: 2007, to be continued…… Xu Fei: in mid 2016 to Shanghai on a business trip, then a program group should be required to record a night demo sent to the television station! Then in the local friends, went to a private studio. The first time I saw Qiao Renliang there, my character does not take the initiative with people greeting, he is also the. In the process of waiting for entry, I didn’t look up to sit on the couch playing… After leaving, he squatted on the ground holding hands with map相关的主题文章: