China – ASEAN Expo October Guangxi tourism exhibition held in Guilin – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Du Yan) in October, 2016 Chinese ASEAN Expo tourism exhibition will be held in the Guilin in Guangxi, is expected from more than 50 countries and regions of the guests, nearly 800 companies and more than 300 high quality at home and abroad buyers to attend the fair, is expected to reach 160 thousand visitors passengers. Today at the press conference held in Beijing, Guangxi Guilin vice mayor Chen Lihua introduction, as the host, Guangxi and Southeast Asia rivers, folk interlinked, center is located in China – ASEAN Free Trade Area, is the Chinese ASEAN Expo held, an important gateway is building Silk Road Economic Belt and twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road organic convergence. In addition to Guilin itself is a world-renowned tourist destination, but also one of the China – ASEAN Free Trade Area of the city portal, 51 overseas Chinese 72 hour transit visa policy formally implemented, the 10 ASEAN countries tour 6 days of the entry visa policy of national approval, continue to release the bonus policy. At the same time, high-speed rail, aviation, road lines continue to enrich and optimize the three-dimensional tourism transportation network has been initially formed. Tourism exhibition permanently settled in Guilin, can be said to be just right. She said that the first tourism exhibition held in May 2015 29 – 31 in Guilin, attracting the participation of the participants in the tourism industry in the region of the country and the region, including all the participating countries of the ASEAN countries, the 10 countries in the world, the first time in the United states. Nearly 800 exhibitors, exhibition area of 23 thousand square meters, professional audience of more than 6000. "On the basis of the success, the tourism exhibition exhibition in twenty-first Century according to set the type of" maritime Silk Road "theme exhibition, overseas tourism professional exhibition, the domestic tourism professional exhibition, international tourism commodities exhibition, Guangxi exhibition tourism image and tourism consumption exhibition six exhibition". Chen Lihua pointed out that the exhibition will continue to "Hester" features, will be the first to hold the "China ASEAN tourism department meeting of the working group, to promote the establishment of Chinese ASEAN tourism exchange mechanism, deepen cooperation in the field of tourism. She said, will continue to host country characteristics, the Kampuchea tourism exhibition invited as guest of honor, host guest of honor characteristic. At the same time, to expand the exhibitors effect, the organizing committee has increased efforts to invite professional buyers, from key tourist source countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania and other regions invited more than 200 overseas buyers attending, and invited more than 100 domestic Chinese major outbound travel agency as the domestic buyers exhibitors, through the exhibition before booking service and special fair, buyers inspection tours to improve economic efficiency. Chen Lihua said that this year, the Guilin will host the tenth session of the United Nations World Tourism Organization / Asia Pacific Tourism Association tourism trends and prospects of the international forum, the sixth Guilin International Festival of landscape culture tourism. When it comes to progress, the tourism exhibition preparations for her introduction, as of now, more than 49 countries and regions will participate, including Russia, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries, net exhibition area of 1548 square meters. Domestic communication with 31 provinces and cities, the provinces and cities have reached a total of 12. ")相关的主题文章: