Note 7 "bang, bang" sound silly fried Samsung: recall procedure to solve the chaos of lithium battery failure 7 way Galaxy Note Francisco contradiction Tencent, has brought a huge controversy and confusion for samsung. According to foreign media news, Samsung chaos still did not stop, and now to provide consumers with the solution to the contradiction, let users into foggy. Note 7 lithium battery manufacturing process in the process of error, resulting in overheating of the battery, explosion, has caused a serious fire around the world, Samsung has issued a recall order. According to The Associated Press, Samsung Electronics recently announced in South Korea, the user can download a software patch, which will allow Note 7 users to charge, the electricity will be below the level of 60%. So far, people do not know the solution to download the patch in the end what specific countries and markets, including the United States and other countries. On Tuesday, Samsung to "Washington Post" said that any step taken in the U.S. market are required to obtain the Consumer Product Safety Commission approval, so Samsung is the Committee and the operator partners, considering the solution of Note 7 users the best. Samsung stressed that without the approval of the above Committee, Samsung will not take any measures. In the last week, Samsung announced that it is working with the U.S. federal government agencies, the official release of Note 7 phone recall order. Prior to this, Samsung and the United States has several mobile operators, launched a unilateral recall order. Samsung has led to the practice of criticism, such as the United States, Consumer Reports magazine pointed out that similar Note 7 battery failure such a serious problem, the U.S. government must come forward to recall and deal with. "Washington Post" pointed out that Samsung’s release of the patch before the practice and provide consumer advice (stop using Note 7 and shutdown) contradictory. In addition, Samsung did not explain how to control the battery below 60%, how to reduce the risk of overheating and battery explosion. So far, the safest approach for Note 7 consumers is to stop using the phone and shut down, do not charge the phone. (Comprehensive dawn) recommendation: focus on digital Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat official, take you to play through all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, hand evaluation, video machines, engage in fun to play live, there are a variety of novelty method. IPhone 7 value is not worth buying? How to use a cell phone to shoot VR? Drones can cut fingers? Why do cats have to be poor? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章: