Global sustainable city 100 baked! 7 mainland city list of U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the original title: sustainable development of city of 100 list: Zurich first, 7 mainland city on September 13th, the global natural and architectural design and consulting company assets Kay Dith (Arcadis) released a list of sustainable city. In this list, ranked first in Zurich, 7 cities in the mainland and ranked on the list. By the British economic and Business Research Center (Centre for Economics and Business Research, CEBR) were calculated for the compilation of sustainable society including kaidisi City World Index (people), environment (earth) and economic (profit) 3 sustainable development field, calculate the representative of the 100 leading global city rankings. Index analysis of 32 different indicators and their classification into the 3 major areas of sustainable development secondary index. Asia Pacific cities such as Singapore (second place), Seoul (No. seventh), Hongkong, China (Sixteenth) and Canberra (eighteenth) and other developed European cities dominate the overall ranking of the top twenty cities. There is no North American city in the top twenty cities. Mainland China 7 cities on the list, but ranked behind: Shenzhen (sixty-fourth), Beijing (seventy-third), Shanghai (seventy-fourth), Guangzhou (78), Tianjin (85), Chengdu (ninety-third) and Wuhan (2). Their performance in the earth and profitability index. Shanghai is one of the major gateway cities in China, and has been the center of international trade, finance and Commerce for many years. Shanghai scored higher in the people’s index rankings, but the lowest ranking 10% in the earth index, the overall ranking of the seventy-fourth. In this regard, Kedith Shanghai city executive director Greg Yager commented: "as Shanghai continues to strive to become one of the most China sustainable development of the city, the hub of the city transformation and innovation will be an important element in the future development of the city, with the transformation from the manufacturing center as the center of knowledge and technology innovation Chinese. This change will also improve the building environment in Shanghai and provide better infrastructure for the city." He believes that Shanghai’s urban transformation to obtain the continuous development of the transport system support. In the region will continue to develop high-speed railway and urban expressway, and the Yangtze River Delta to strengthen transport links, and improve the quality of life of residents. Tourism will also become an important element of Shanghai’s urban transformation. The report also shows that the global city polarization in three areas such as Hongkong, Singapore and Chinese profit index performed well, were ranked first, second, but there is still room for improvement in the living environment, only forty-eighth and 81. Kedith Asia Pacific Customer Solutions director Graham Kean said: "in the Asian countries and in each sub index in the extreme, also said that many city can play better in the 3 areas of sustainable development. Singapore and Hongkong are in the Chinese Cong Ying相关的主题文章: