Take over all the voices of home: SONY SRS-ZR7 multifunctional speaker technology Sohu experience – the "preface" bought a new display, built-in speakers feel the effect is very general, can be said to be very empty, every day and do not want to wear a headset, and desktop speakers thought to buy a multifunctional. You can listen to songs, when knock code to watch movies, play games more telepresence, coincides with the recommendation of friends, then start the speaker -ZR7 the SONY flagship family function. "Appearance" Jingdong orders, the speed is very fast, second days received. Speaker design style is very simple, and before the friends of the SRS-HG1 style almost all belong to the simplicity of the wind, but ZR7 head to a lot of. Measurements are 86mm*93mm*300mm, 1.8KG weight of a component, basically 15 inches wide and almost macbook. From the side view, ZR7 corners is very clear, very simple lines, on each side of the joint office to do a deal with a rounded corner, this design allows people with good, but can also reduce sonic diffraction effect is more concentrated. Material, ZR7 uses a metal mask, the connection with a dark gray metal strip to adorn, so that the body does not seem so heavy. Operation area on top of the acrylic resin material smooth mirror design, various devices can be hidden lights, of course there is a good place, is easy when a "fingerprint collector", remember to wipe. The back of the speaker is the functional area of the speaker, in addition to the commonly used 3.5mm interface, as well as cable interface, HDMI ARC interface (yes, he can also be a TV speaker). This is a "function" is a "high value speaker Yan I didn’t function, function no more I Yan high value" of this type, the price of more than 1 thousand in addition to the common Bluetooth and WiFi, and the following functions. The left back has a USB-A interface, can give iPhone or Walkman charging at the same time, the music playback device. NAS there are a lot of lossless music, you can use the back of the LAN cable interface or WiFi access to the family’s wireless network to play. Full size HDMI interface is not common in the small box above, but to the attention of the HDMI interface is a simple transmission of audio, HDMI ARC introduction, the name is Audio Return Channel, literal translation is the audio return circuit, will turn the TV broadcast by ZR7. Of course, if you are not satisfied with the PC or MAC built-in speakers, can also use a USB-B ZR7 to act as an amplifier, supports up to PCM192kHz 24bit, or 5.6MHz DSD file to convert the PCM way to play MP3 WMA AAC FLAC Apple, corresponding to Lossless (ALAC) AIFF music files..相关的主题文章: