Artificial intelligence into a business outlet, the opportunity to profit? Sohu – "science and technology exchange · observation" is "Rimula · wealth sink WeChat public number regular Friday column, providing the most in-depth business circle of entrepreneurial wealth observation reports for readers. Rimula · wealth sink to "smell, FAQ, etc., for the purpose of reform", is committed to convergence with common values and a sense of responsibility to create wealth, to build a full of positive energy, full of dreams, charismatic collective wealth. Popular last year, Hawking, musk or hassabis then, endorsement of "artificial intelligence on terrorist", but by 2016, artificial intelligence has become the new outlet of entrepreneurship. Although the concept of artificial intelligence is not fresh, even every few years will be a wave of popular, but this one seems to be the real thing entrepreneurs work together. As the computer science community of the "Holy Grail", artificial intelligence in the 2016 world economic forum report is predicted to be the fourth industrial revolution is the core technology, which has caused the domestic and foreign Internet giants and staking capital. This looks very good, but the reality of all entrepreneurs in front of the problem is that, in addition to ideals and feelings, how to use artificial intelligence to make money? Ascetic period and dividend period of artificial intelligence to understand today entrepreneurs reasons for artificial intelligence crazy, and why capital showed a hitherto unknown favor, it seems necessary to understand the development history of simple artificial intelligence. Like VR, artificial intelligence is not a new concept, but also experienced decades of good and weak. Overall, or artificial intelligence can be divided into historical period and ascetic dividend. The first dividend period of artificial intelligence in 60s, when scientists are confident and crazy, "within twenty years, machines will be able to complete all work" people do become mainstream sound science. Artificial intelligence of the second bonus period appeared in 90s, the typical symbol is IBM’s deep blue beat chess world champion Kasparov, the impact of no less than AlphaGo’s go war. But before the clearance between the two dividend and today once again become the focus of artificial intelligence, experience is a period of austerity. For example, in 70s, because of the prophecy of artificial intelligence can not be honored, the research funds to break into the trough. The same thing happened in the late 80s and early twentieth Century. However, after a period out of penance in the study of artificial intelligence, often bring unexpected results, such as control theory and early neural network, new logic and modal logic, Prolog language and Nouvelle AI and embedded expert system, reasoning and so on. Trial and error of these new research methods and logic, plays an indispensable role in the development of artificial intelligence today. Another bonus period for the current or artificial intelligence. On the one hand, image recognition, speech synthesis, deep learning algorithms such as artificial maturity, and began commercial application range; on the other hand, the study of artificial intelligence technology out of the laboratory.相关的主题文章: