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family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade paper | Luo Yijun refused to others, express their true thoughts is a very difficult, but very important in interpersonal communication is the thing. Let the children practice do not give others, but also learn to respect their important lessons. Listen to your intuition, in order to protect themselves; to understand their emotions, there is a way to others. Take care of yourself, can also take care of others, both of which are not mutually exclusive. Do not know how to express to let others the little boy but not sad events in the park, opened the discussion on how to "refuse" my daughter and I. Daughter clearly stated their frustration and difficulties: has expressed the intention to refuse, but not accepted by others. In order not to embarrass the scene, but also do not want to let others sad or angry, had to compromise to send, patiently obedient to the wishes of others. There seems to be only one problem, but for me there are two kinds of messages hidden in it: "do not want to make others sad or angry", and "do not know how to express the effective". The appearance of seemingly gentle daughter is often the object of other people to take the initiative, although she had already made his judgment, but because the heart more than a few turns, but let yourself do not know what to do. So, we assume that the most common situation, as an exercise: other children take the initiative to share food or toys to express friendly, but I do not want to, how to do? "Mom, why do some people hear people say ‘no’, you will lose your temper ah?" My daughter broke a face, asked me gruffly. "He may be expressing feelings of discomfort after being rejected! For example, feel ashamed, feel negative, not necessarily angry at you. Rejection is your right, others have the right to vent their emotions. Why care about other people’s reactions? Why do you change your mind because of the emotions of others?" "But, if anyone else sees it, it feels like I’m trying to bully him! In fact I did not." Daughter finally spoke of the point. Well, it does seem easy to misunderstand. We can’t control what other people think and see, all we can do is to think of a better way or." "Mom, I just really don’t want to accept things, not to let others feel I hate him, how to say?" That should be the real feeling to say directly, for example, in fact, you do not hate him, you just do not know him, so I do not know can not become good friends, but you can try." I actually tried to say it once. "Well, I know, and I can say, ‘I don’t like to eat this candy, but we can be good friends."" "Yeah, you’re great! In short, it is to say that you feel good, so that others will know that your refusal is just because things, and will not be difficult to accept. However, if you just don’t like the person, don’t want to draw相关的主题文章: