The truth: the lion constellation I once is not enough to deceive (Figure) lion on me once, I asked him when my brother, he said he will get married with a blind woman, let me give him as a lover, he wanted to continue to cheat me so gun, enjoying my love…… Sina rose36921501 users love to sign me a lion on the Sina constellation is not going to cheat me is a Taurus girl, on February 14th, I met Leo boy, it can be said that he is a very odd, eccentric and even a bit arrogant arrogant, but I don’t know why he put me deeply attracted. Then we met two times, when the third time I met him when I was in love with him, but he didn’t answer my phone since that time, there was no answer to my information, I lost in the blues. Then I say to myself, don’t be sad, we don’t start, why in order to one did not know you love him sad, is my own unrequited love. But when I decided to put down but he gave me a call, the phone I know him to drink, he and I said that I don’t love him, also said he is a devil, said I was a good woman. I do not want to hurt, that he made me cry, I send a message to scold him who also said to like you proud as Lucifer man, I made a lot of information to him, began to scold him, but then the hair is telling him that I have put down, if I feel good and I can continue to be friends or siblings can do. The morning of the second day he phoned to say sorry too much to drink last night, I also asked him when my brother? I said, of course, you’ll be my brother! So we began to contact, he sent me the information after the evening of the two day, I went back to the phone, he said he was a man in the drinking mood is not good, I want to ask to accompany him to drink, then I don’t think the night, girls and boys don’t drink, I just want to wait to see he listened to him, but this time I was in to see the identity of his sister. I went to his house we drink chat, chat very happy, we all drank a lot of wine, should be drunk! I do not know how to hold together, then the brothers and sisters should not happen…… When we wake up, we all know that we can not be brothers and sisters, and he asked me to look at him as a brother? I don’t know how to answer, because I love him again. I was surprised that the lion would go on a blind date. He said his parents wanted him to go on a blind date. He had to listen to his parents anyway. He and I said that if you want to be his wife, first of all through his parents that he is a filial son, listen to their parents. What do I do now, what is the relationship between me and him, he also said that if he married the wife and his date to do his lover, I don’t want to be a lover, love is selfish, how can I put my love to his wife to marry another woman to do it, I began to worry don’t know what to do, he does not love a narrow-minded woman, I can only say that you go to it! What should I do? To give up or continue to chase.相关的主题文章: