Foreign media: the Swiss people support the government to enhance the monitoring and monitoring of telephone and email – Beijing Reference News Network reported on September 27th September 25th by the Swiss referendum agreed to enhance the ability of intelligence agencies to monitor their own people, to combat terrorism, to ensure the safety of. According to EFE reported on September 25th, this item has been passed by Parliament motion to get 66.5% of the votes in the referendum, the show received widespread public support. The referendum is held in the new bill, some people opposed to collect enough signatures after. But the Swiss ultimately support the government to strengthen supervision in exchange for security. According to the new law, the Swiss Confederation intelligence agency will monitor communication including telephone and email, camera and microphone, and the defense department and judicial department permission, close monitoring of some special place. According to the Swiss government, these measures will affect or affect more than 10 years of terrorism, espionage, smuggling of firearms, armed groups involved in the attack on the infrastructure. As long as there is a threat, it should be strictly monitored. Although opponents say the bill could infringe civil rights, most Swiss people still support the strengthening of monitoring. Opponents also said that the bill allows the Swiss intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence agencies to cooperate more closely, it will also affect the neutrality of switzerland. The Swiss authorities said the bill would not be as stringent as those in the United States and other countries. The current law in Switzerland only allows the authorities to use public information or information provided by foreign intelligence agencies. After the referendum, the Swiss Social Democratic Party and the Swiss green party against the Bill said in a statement, the referendum results show that fear eventually won. The far right parties in the Swiss people’s Party welcomed the results, saying the bill is conducive to promoting the modernization of laws and regulations. The new law will take effect on September 2017. In the 25 day of the referendum, the Swiss at the same time with a veto of 63.6% against a ban on Swiss consumption of natural resources too much motion. The move, which is proposed by the greens, is expected to reduce the impact on the environment and, if passed, will set strict environmental goals for the Swiss industry. Reported that only the people of Geneva region for the motion threw 51.9% votes. People in other parts of the world are in favor of the government’s view that the motion is too extreme in a short period of time to complete a strict goal. Opponents of the motion even said that if the motion is passed, the Swiss people’s daily lives or will be affected, such as only cold water bath. The Green Party said that the result is the opposition of the "fear movement" caused by. Initially, the support rate for the motion was more than 60%, but it continued to decline. In the referendum, the Swiss also voted against 59.4% by the left-wing party raised the motion to increase the pension of 10%. Opponents argue that the move will increase the social security fund debt, and access to public support. It is estimated that by 2030 the Swiss social security fund deficit or will reach 12 billion 500 million Swiss francs (about 14 billion 484 million euros)相关的主题文章: