Shanxi, a private high school 282 high school juniors without involving illegal admissions Sohu news Linfen City Bureau of education about the additional enrollment plan for. School more than two years has not student Chen Fu said that the first half of this year, when the son from the mouth that no high school student can not participate in the examination, he was aware of the seriousness of the problem. The 2014 senior high school entrance examination, Chen Fu to his son enrolled in a private school — Linfen Tongsheng experimental middle school. According to Sheng experimental middle school enrollment charter, we went to this school, also successfully admitted." Chen Fu said, after school, the school let us put the number of children’s junior high school reported up, and said to be dealing with school related issues." Like Chen Fu son, the son of Sun Xian (a pseudonym) in Linfen Sheng experimental middle school middle school, high school students also did not. According to Sun Xian introduction, at first, they think the school called the school problem, but to the child’s school from junior high school, did not think. But the fact is that the situation is very different from the parents, the school for two years did not solve the problem of these students. The school said the child can participate in the college entrance examination with the identity of the candidates, will not affect the University admission." Sun Xian said, regardless of whether the child was admitted to the University, there is no school can not get a high school diploma, which means that the child’s learning experience for three years can not be recognized." The school enrolled 282 students without parents to provide according to the surging news a stamp to the Education Bureau of Linfen City, Shanxi Province Department of education "empowered", 2014 Linfen Tongsheng junior high school changed to Linfen Sheng experimental middle school, high school level has increased, but the provincial education department not listed in 2014 the school enrollment plan, so the school is in the provincial enrollment plan without authorization admitted to the 282 school (school) students. The parents of Gao Lin (a pseudonym) told the surging news, 2014, Linfen junior high school from the Linfen Development Zone with the middle school division, and renamed Linfen Tongsheng experimental middle school, the high school added. "At that time, Sheng high school teacher told us, with the experimental middle school enrollment is." Gao Lin said, out of school Tongsheng trust, he gave the child for Sheng experimental middle school. School tuition is 38 thousand and 800 yuan per year. It’s hard for us to accept that we have spent so much money." Gao Lin said, in fact the child’s senior high school entrance examination scores more than that of Linfen city minimum high school admission, "in other words, if I knew the school can not give children school, completing other schools can be admitted, and can get a high school student." The students involved will input student Chen Fu also told surging news show a blank for "Linfen Tongsheng Experimental High School" and stamped written undertaking photos. The commitment to write: "to ensure that students participate in the provincial academic level final exam. If you miss the exam, all the consequences borne by the school". Gao Lin said, in August 31st, he and other parents to go to school to solve the student problems, the school official said would resolve the matter, and on the spot to write an undertaking, cover the stamp, the parents will take the letter of commitment.相关的主题文章: