What are the 10 types of traditional Chinese medicine, the pregnant mother should not take? – 1, Sohu maternal blood type is mainly blood stasis, Chinese medicine regulating blood collaterals, hemostatic function. As of seven scattered, small, Dan Huzhang tablet and cerebral thrombosis tablets, Yunnan Baiyao, 37 tablets, because of the blood stasis too strong, prone to cause abortion. 2, consumer guide type mainly promote digestion, Chinese medicine Xiaopi a class of product function. Such as the areca four, nine xiaozhengwan rhubarb pill, Qingwei pill, and Xiangshayangwei pills, Dashanzha pills, with the blood circulation of Qi, to take effect, so easily lead to abortion. 3, Qi mainly Shu Qi, Qi Qi of the efficacy of Chinese medicine. Such as muxiangshunqi pills, Qizhiweitong granule, ten sweet pain pills, because of the broken gas, gas gas and solution of Yu Liqiang became pregnant women taboo medicine. The 4 main categories, Chinese medicine Kaiqiao Xingnao Kaiqiao function. Such as Angongniuhuangwan, driving scattered because of containing musk, spicy go up, the vulnerability of fetal gas, pregnant women for fear induced abortion. 5, treatment of diarrhea, edema, dampness, phlegm, dampness and turbid jaundice with Chinese medicine. Such as Lidanpaishi tablets, Danshitong, stone, with dampness and diuresis, Tonglin Xiezhuo effect, so pregnant women should not take. 6, Pyocutaneous agent to theriac apocenosis, Tori, Chinese medicine as the main function of myogenic wound healing. Such as Qufushengji powder, externalplaster, baidu ointment containing safflower, angelica, activating blood flow of goods, and the elimination of nuclear Braun paste, paste, drop 100 Dan containing poisonous more fear induced abortion. 7, rheumatism Bitongkang by wind, cold, dampness pain as the main function of traditional Chinese medicine. Such as tiger papaya tablets, because of the circulation of blood and hot Radix Achyranthes, is harmful to the fetus. The antithrombotic reconstruction pill for Rhubarb capture, leech broken blood, so pregnant women should be banned. 8, with insecticide insecticide, Xiaoji, pain, traditional Chinese medicine can get rid of intestinal parasites. For the attack of toxic products, easily lead to abortion, malformation, such as pills, tablets, anti cysticercus Zhechong Pill etc.. 9, diarrhea with purging bowels, eliminate stomach indigestion, or attack by Chinese medicine water, Runchang effect. As of ten jujube zhouche pills, pills, pills, Maren Runchang pill etc.. Under siege force is very strong, there is loss of air. 10, heat type with heat clearing and detoxifying, purging fire, dry temperature and other effects of proprietary Chinese medicines. Such as Liushen Pill in early pregnancy taking can cause fetal malformations, late pregnancy taking Yizhi children’s mental retardation and other consequences. Chinese medicine containing bezoar and other ingredients, because of its capture, purging fire is strong, prone to miscarriage, such as niuhuangjiedutablets, Baidu paste, Pien Tze Huang, anti-inflammatory detoxification pill.相关的主题文章: