Russia suspended Russia "plutonium management and disposition agreement" effect in Moscow in October 31, Xinhua (reporter Hu Xiaoguang) 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the federal law, Russia suspended between the government management and disposal of plutonium "agreement" effect. The law came into effect that day. Putin signed a decree in October 3rd had said, in view of the United States to take a series of unfriendly move to Russia, Russia signed in 2000 to suspend the performance of Russia and the United States to cut weapons grade plutonium plutonium "management and disposal agreement". But Moscow Kremlin also said that if Washington cut some NATO countries in the United States military facilities and troops and meet other conditions, it is possible to resume the implementation of this agreement. On the day of the Moscow Kremlin to the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) submitted a moratorium on the draft law to fulfill the agreement. The draft law 19, State Duma passed 26, the Federation Council (upper house of parliament) approved. According to the provisions of the "plutonium management and disposition agreement" and other subsidiary agreement, Russia and the United States government from the beginning of 2018, through their respective industrial facilities will be at least 34 tons of weapons grade plutonium irreversibly into fuel for civilian nuclear reactors. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency estimates that 34 tons of plutonium enough to make thousands of nuclear warheads. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: