These wonderful Car Buying reason almost everyone in the gun – Sohu automobile with the constant progress of the society, the quality of our life is more and more high, more and more consumers are early in the Car Buying on recent plan. However, the reality is that most of the cars that are not familiar, are more likely to be a little, not too much about the car in the election, so in the next to the professor also have a lot of funny examples. Chinese Car Buying Car Buying wonderful reason to buy a car in order to improve the social status of people struggle to breath over a Buddha incense! The same is to go out to play, if you take the bus home by car, in the eyes of others you are inferior. In addition, in this realistic society, even if you go to a blind date or go to see the mother-in-law, it is estimated that you will have a car? Buy a house? This kind of discourse. In fact, the car is likely to make travel more convenient (but the road is blocked), but also enhance the role of personal status. But if you just used to drunby, professor or advise you. All have psychological comparisons the idea of buying a car must want to buy what car! However, people always have to look at the can not afford to buy basic Car Buying exist in time, can not afford; or the next Pharaoh a wage earners to buy a Audi, for you to keep up with the Joneses, a boss cannot buy a worse? Although some luxury brands can bite, it means that the insurance is expensive, fuel consumption may be high, the car is bad or need to change the car maintenance costs are high, a lot of people in this way is to try to drive less, not bad delayed repair, this car hurt money consuming suggestions don’t. Don’t care success! Is a hard to find, to limit the city, if you roll to the number is definitely a big thing, professor always think God joking, people in the city are eager to put their driver’s license to take Yaohao, some of these people are used to play with, some is really a car. But usually do not want to buy a car, do not want to buy a car hit a high rate, ha ha! The professor suffered! In addition to a wonderful reason to buy a car in the car is a wonderful choice to buy a car! Since most of the car buyers are small, so for the concept of the car is very fuzzy. What car? The sales people sell so popular models is certainly good, so in the choice of almost is that a few, this is why sell good car has been very popular, sell well the car never recovers, but also often listen to what others say what a good car, buy these cars on the like the language so we can only do the car… Some of my strongest Troll mouth online, what determined boycott of Japanese cars, what determined to buy domestic cars, however, in the face of such problems, in fact, before the boycott of Japanese cars should first resist idiotic? Does the state resist you to resist? Buy a car is their own thing, people like to boycott boycott, buy their favorite. The body size of the bigger the better candidate is household car, so each test will go back to sit,!相关的主题文章: