During the pregnancy, and diet need to be cautious – Sohu not only prepare pregnant women’s maternal tasks, men also need to do pre pregnancy preparation, including diet is very important. There is little difference in male and female pregnancy diet, the following Xiaobian tell you what to eat before pregnancy. Men and women eating big secret entrance, need to be cautious 1, can eat calcium and iron rich foods to avoid iron deficiency anemia or symptoms of calcium deficiency in pregnant, you need to prepare in advance. Daily life should be more intake of iron and calcium rich foods, such as fish, milk, meat, soy products, green vegetables, etc.. 2, you can eat some eggs to improve the vitality of the food: because of the lack of vitality of the egg and the impact of fertilization there are many, so to do a good job of egg energy reserves, improve the vitality of the egg. That women can eat lean meat, eggs, liver, beans, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits etc.. 3, protection of natural health diet: in peacetime may couple and not too much attention to the daily diet, but during the preparation pregnant need to improve attention, should choose to eat fresh, seasonal fruits, organic vegetables, daily life to avoid eating something containing additives or pigments. Because they affect the quality of the egg and the health of the body. 4, pay attention to the diversity of food: because different foods contain nutrients are not the same. Therefore, suggestions prepared during pregnancy diet should pay attention to the diversification, not partial, can eat some cereal grains. 5, ensure adequate water: protection of human daily intake of sufficient water to metabolize many toxic substances, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, but to drink drink! Preparing for pregnant men to eat anything good? 1, men should pay attention to protein supplementation with arginine: because the main raw material for semen is high quality protein however, arginine is the main component, male spermatogenesis so that the two are essential to prepare pregnant. 2, vitamin supplements: under normal circumstances, we do not need to add their own vitamins, if you go to the hospital to determine the lack of vitamin a need to supplement the recommendations of the doctor. The relationship between vitamin generation and sperm is also very close! 3, pay attention to add minerals and trace elements: we know that zinc deficiency may lead to the quantity and quality of sperm decreased, some men even testicular atrophy. For zinc supplements need to be determined by the doctor, the amount of the best supplement. The above is related to the preparation of the couple during pregnancy pregnancy related to introduce, in order to be able to use the best physical condition to meet the health of the baby, pregnant period must manage their mouth yo!相关的主题文章: