Coconut game together excellence strategic layout of the pan entertainment ecological chain, game original title: coconut game together excellence strategic layout of the pan entertainment ecological chain excellence and coconut game recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be generalized interactive entertainment based, strong combination, complementary resources, cooperation ferret star IP core value and jointly build a three-dimensional ecological chain of Pan entertainment. At the same time have announced billions of dollars level user base of the classic game "my name is MT" has become the first super IP mining depth cooperation. But for the deeper innovation and exploration based on super IP, with AR technology and MT series star Mobile Games concept Mobile Games research since the new "my name is MT: Star home" will also become the excellence and coconut pan entertainment strategic layout of the pioneer game. From Mobile Games to star to the film, coconut stick pan entertainment in recent years around the pan entertainment industry in a variety of cross-border cooperation and extension of IP has become the focus of industrial development, to a mutually beneficial exchange between resources undoubtedly for the development and upgrading of the entire entertainment industry up. Looking at the global market, star hand travel industry is also in the rise, in China, its mutual entertainment effect and market value is also emerging. Coconut game as domestic cutting-edge game manufacturers, uphold the principle of "star Mobile Games, new concept Mobile Games star", with rich media and entertainment resources, Liu Yan, Jeff Chang, will be Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu and other large coffee sign flag, different from ordinary manufacturers and simple star endorsements cooperation mode, the game has a natural advantage and unique coconut in the star Mobile Games custom views, through the depth of implantation, depth bound, the depth of interaction, through the game, game player, stars, fans to become the star of barriers, game producer, producer, designer, Mobile Games will be defined as comprehensive and diversified all star IP extended incubation platform and fans economy platform, practice strategy ideas of Pan entertainment star tours linkage. As a grand game and the joint development of "Legends of the world" Mobile Games version of the developers, the game has a coconut industry’s top game production strength, but can make the game in the coconut industry is its "work A new force suddenly rises.". Coconut game with "legend world" TV drama genuine Authority last year held a grand game game with coconut light handed down "conference, start since the television program, game player and the fans have been looking forward to. For the tour video game linkage, founder and chairman Yu coconut leaf said, "as the first generation of the original network game" legend world "witnessed the development of Chinese online games, also witnessed the generation game practitioners of youth, a virtual world story through the television drama form displayed in front of hundreds of millions of game player. Will inevitably lead to countless people’s emotional resonance. Coconut games for this heavyweight project has established a special coconut pictures, Liu Yan, Jia Nailiang, Li Xiaolu, star of the shareholders will be in the important role in the current project, the script is being polished stage. In addition to "Legends of the world" television program, many film and television projects also see our pan entertainment platform and star resources, hoping to engage actively through strategic cooperation and reached the field of film and television pictures and coconut." Coconut coconut pictures) cooperation game相关的主题文章: