PICC group’s total assets exceeded 900 billion in the first half of the total premium growth of 16.6%- Beijing, Beijing, August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) Chinese people’s Insurance Group (hereinafter referred to as the people’s Insurance Group) in Beijing on 29 released interim results, as of 6 at the end of this year, the people’s Insurance Group’s total assets and net assets reached 902 billion 280 million yuan (RMB, same below) and 163 billion 430 million yuan, compared with the beginning of growth of 7% and 4% respectively. Semi annual report also showed that the first half of this year, the people’s Insurance Group achieved a total premium of 264 billion 580 million yuan, an increase of 16.6%; realize the consolidated net profit of 11 billion 280 million yuan, continue to maintain a high level; earnings per share 0.18 yuan; the annual weighted average return on net assets was 13%; the people’s Insurance Group investment, total investment assets reached 770 billion 370 million yuan, growth 3.7% this year, the annual rate of 5% of total investment income, net investment yield of 5.3% years. In the next step, the people’s insurance group legal director al said, PICC group will accelerate the integration and internationalization, the construction of big data platform group, to promote a unified view of customer, establish a group of integrated customer account integration system, promote the integrated development of the collective effect. To serve the "The Belt and Road" strategy implementation, safeguard the interests of overseas China for breakthrough business internationalization; to effectively promote the internationalization of the capital operation mechanism as the main means; to global configuration for the goal to promote the internationalization of investment. Al with further pointed out that the people’s Insurance Group will continue to promote the growth of value, strengthen management, enhance the property insurance risk selection and pricing ability, promote the development of life insurance firm transformation value oriented, strengthen asset liability management, increase the strategic asset allocation, expand third party asset management, strengthening the investment value creation ability. In addition, promote the overall development of PICC rural insurance division reform, promote the pension community construction, accelerate the development of the basic medical insurance services, the development of Inclusive Finance, further promotion of agriculture support tube petty business development, insurance innovation and new model of poverty alleviation. On the day of the conference, according to the Chinese Paul insurance vice president Wang Dedi introduction, Chinese Paul achieve underwriting profit 6 billion 446 million yuan insurance in the first half, an increase of 4.1%; investment income 7 billion 601 million yuan, the annual total investment return rate of 4.4%, annualized net investment income was 4.6%. Wang Dedi said, the second half of PICC will deepen the underlying market, do auto insurance and non auto insurance business layout; strengthen underwriting, strengthen accurate pricing, improve the efficiency of resource use, improve the service quality; strengthen the claims and operating cost control, do loss prevention and disaster insurance; strengthen product service innovation, accelerate the strategic layout of the Internet. Broaden the service field; adhere to prudent investment strategy, strictly control the investment risk, investment portfolio optimization; continuous improvement of internal control system construction, improve the level of risk management and risk prevention ability. (end)相关的主题文章: