For the mutual recognition of fund sales blowout sales in August before approaching July the total Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Securities Times reporter Yao Bo administration announced yesterday in Hongkong and Mainland China mutual fund sales data show that in August Hongkong fund sales in the mainland scale than in July surged 2.5 times this year, the cumulative net sales reached 7 billion 828 million yuan, and a dominant situation continues; although in the fund also increased in Hongkong, August net sales chain a net increase of nearly 1.5 times, but due to the low base, the South Fund in August this year in Hong Kong net sold a total of only 81 million 750 thousand yuan, the cumulative net sales of only a fraction of Hongkong fund sales. Safe announced yesterday the mutual recognition of inward remittance of capital fund sales table shows, as of the end of August, the North Hongkong fund in August total net sales of 3 billion 951 million yuan, 1 billion 109 million yuan in July increased by 2.56 times. Meanwhile, the mainland sales in the south of the fund sales reached 15 million 411 thousand and 200 yuan, compared with July, an increase of 6 million 295 thousand and 100 yuan of RMB 1.44. Although the two fund sales in August have a substantial increase in the chain, but the larger base difference does not show the South Fund to pick up". Due to the total sales of funds on the north end of the fund has been completely over the south, making the first North of the international fund companies to become the big winner. From the first 8 months of this year, the monthly sales, net sales in the mainland fund mutual recognition of Hong Kong single month were 21 million 540 thousand yuan, 15 million 590 thousand yuan, 7 million 440 thousand yuan, 10 million 210 thousand yuan, 1 million 90 thousand yuan, 4 million 160 thousand yuan, 6 million 290 thousand yuan and 15 million 410 thousand yuan, ranked in the top three sales in January, February and August respectively; Hongkong mutual fund net sales in the mainland were 40 million 170 thousand yuan, 157 million yuan, 522 million yuan, 644 million yuan, 707 million yuan, 696 million yuan, 1 billion 109 million yuan and 3 billion 951 million yuan, ranked in the top three sales in August, July and May respectively. August sales in the month before the sum of the total in July. It is not difficult to find, only in the warm south fund early sales, while North fund heat continued to rise, and the emergence of a blowout in August. At present, Hongkong fund in China’s total sales of 8 billion 480 million yuan, net sales of 7 billion 827 million yuan, the mainland fund in Hongkong’s total sales of 105 million yuan, net sales of 81 million 750 thousand yuan. According to Wind information statistics, the current sale in Hong Kong mainland mutual fund has reached 46, including stock funds, bond funds, hybrid funds, sales in the mainland Hongkong mutual fund including bond funds, equity funds, a total of 14. Securities Times reporter learned that Morgan asset’s products 3, BOC Hongkong, Calyon etc. there are 2 products, partners and Schroder have 1 products. Among them, Morgan asset sales champion in the north of the fund. Morgan, director of China retail business asset management in an interview with reporters in the form of the theory of Tang Deyu相关的主题文章: