"The national eco tourism development planning" what is missing – Sohu [] tourism has this to say "national eco tourism development planning" what is missing "2016.10.27 Chinese Youth Daily" recently, the national development and Reform Commission and the Tourism Bureau jointly issued the "national eco-tourism development plan (2016-2025)", the national eco tourism development the guiding ideology, basic principles, development goals, the overall layout and the key task, put forward the national eco tourism area eight, foster the construction of 20 cooperative zones and 200 key destinations, the formation of 50 inter provincial and provincial quality tourist routes, to build 25 ecological scenic national road. Planning said that by 2025 to become the world’s eco-tourism power". At first, planning principles, objectives, layout, products, projects and measures, grand vision and a "World Tourism Power", very comprehensive, very exciting, what everything should be like. However, a fine thought, doubts came: who is the main body of eco-tourism? Who is in charge of the management of ecotourism? Who will implement this plan? "Planning" in the nature reserve, the scenic area, the Forest Park, geological park, wetland park, Water Conservancy Scenic Area, desert park, Ocean Park and other seven kinds of natural reserve, left the land, urban construction, forestry, water conservancy, environmental protection, marine and agricultural sector, energy conservation, construction, and management carry out ecological tourism? I do not know whether the planning in the research, preparation, demonstration process is involved in the relevant departments and experts, in the media reports also did not mention the word. Is this accidental negligence? In early 2009 the State Council pointed out that the "opinions" on accelerating the development of tourism industry, and vigorously promote the "integration of tourism and culture, sports, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, industrial, commercial, geology, marine, environmental protection, meteorology and other related industries and the development of the industry". This year, the general office of the State Council special below "implement the State Council on accelerating the development of the tourism industry views" focused on the division of work program ", to the development of tourism cooperation make clear and specific provisions, such as" support regional development of ecological tourism, forest tourism, business tourism, sports tourism, industrial tourism health care, tourism, yacht cruise tourism. The tourism bureau is in charge of the relevant departments; "reasonably determine the tourist capacity of scenic spots, strictly implement the environmental impact assessment system of tourism projects, and strengthen the protection of water resources and soil and water conservation. The Tourism Bureau, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the forestry bureau, the Bureau of cultural relics, the Bureau of Oceanography and the Ministry of water resources". In recent years, the State Council has issued more than and 10 documents on the development of tourism or tourism related documents, all mentioned sectoral cooperation. The National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and marine bureau also signed a cooperation agreement, but why in the formulation of this involves many departments of national planning, but forget these documents and agreements? In recent years, the "Travel + tourism" is a slogan and the definition of policy a lot, even is said to be a "theoretical innovation". There are experts in]相关的主题文章: