Haikou a restaurant "tricks": a single end point site models bikinis dish – Beijing Beijing in August 28 Haikou Xinhua (reporter Fu Meibin) Haikou City Restaurant extraordinary move "temptation" diners, 2 cars die dressed in bikinis, shuttle single, end dish service for diners in the restaurant. 28, 20 pm, the reporter walked into the jade road is located in the city of Haikou on the "wolf sheep meet" restaurant, diners are full, a hand of Sax in the stage play melodious music, two models dressed in bikinis, the shuttle in the restaurant, together with other diners for service attendant. The restaurant owner said to the sun, delicacy, wine and beauty and music combine to make a gimmick, let customers have a different feeling, "these four cars are my friends, was the model for serving the guests bikinis tell them in mind, they are willing to try the restaurant." Dressed in black bikinis. Liu told reporters, compared with the station in front of the car show beauty services to customers in the restaurant, there is another kind of experience. "To work in the restaurant for nearly a week, the diners are very civilized, not harassed." She said. According to reports, the restaurant has been opened for six months, operating hours from eight in the evening to the next day dawn, the main barbecue, bikini models to work until the time of the morning at about 0. But the sun said, from the car with bikinis to work seven or eight days time, the gimmick did not bring a great sensation, diners with the previous year. Sun told reporters, a car for diners bikinis service will last about a month, "in the future, mainly to attract customers with specialty dishes." Mr. Meng believes that the meal, I think this is more innovative, I feel good, can give customers a different experience." (end)相关的主题文章: