Visit the Pearl River Delta at the end of the "people’s communes": the villagers busy when the monthly income of five thousand – Beijing, Beijing, Zhongshan in August 30, the last question: visit the Pearl River Delta "people’s communes": a monthly income of five thousand villagers busy when the new network reporter Cheng Jingwei Chinese to implement the "land household responsibility system" policy for more than 30 years, but in Nanlang town Guangdong Zhongshan City, known as a "cliff" village still by the production team responsible for farming, not an inch of land to the villagers. Adhere to the "people’s communes" of the Yakou village, located in the Pearl River Estuary, north of Shenzhen, across the sea and the Hongkong sea front. Recently, the reporter went to visit the village mouth. Drove about 3 kilometers from the former residence of Sun Zhongshan Cuiheng village came to Yakou village, reporters saw the village cement road is clean, a community health station and culture service center, also installed lights, security camera. The three storey small building everywhere. According to colleagues of the local government staff, cliff mouth village in recent years, social security is very good, very little theft occurred. At present, the farmland seedlings is prosperous, green can’t see a large margin. Into the village, the reporter met is the scorching sun mixed fertilizer five or six villagers, some villagers said, 2 hour 30 fertilization points, can be in exchange for 30 yuan (RMB, same below); the harvest time, cut rice transplanting work points earned will be higher. Community health station Cheng Jingwei photo Zhongshan Nanlang town propaganda office director Liang Hanyun told reporters, the busy season, earned a villager Yakou village continued to work two months of work, can convert about 10 thousand yuan reward. Slack when villagers will go out of work to do business. Liang Hanyun said cliff mouth village high to the production team to buy grain, and sold to the villagers at low prices, the elderly, children and free rations supply. Income from the operation of the paddy field and the sea farm outside the lease is the main income of the village collective. Reporters learned that, although the mouth of the villagers to retain the "membership" of the title, but in essence has become the village of investors". The villagers not only paid at the same time point meter, enjoying the village collective share dividend. Yakou village failed to implement the household responsibility system and the policy has its historical reasons. The Yakou village young villagers lost, leave some sick villagers. Out of the need to hold together to resist risks, system of Yakou village "people’s communes" preserved. With the acceleration of urbanization in the Pearl River Delta, the village is facing the choice of "land development" or "land lease management". Liang Hanyun said that the state has strict requirements for the protection of arable land, the short term will not be large-scale development of farmland protection. Mixed fertilizer villagers earn work points Cheng Jingwei photo by "Pearl River Delta" people’s communes "at the end of this sign, Yakou village in recent years to the development of the tourism industry, revitalize the village culture, commune culture, floating color, paddy field, mangroves and beach tourism resources. As a nearly seven hundred year history of Guangdong’s most beautiful ancient village, Yakou village cultural relics to be properly protected, many old ancestral hall, south of the Five Ridges style building is still antique. In the evening, reporters came to the village in the southeast corner of the lotus pool. Even after the bloom相关的主题文章: