Li Yifeng Qingyun "Zhi" challenge without performing real acclaim – Beijing, Beijing, August 31, starring Li Yifeng costume drama "Qingyun Xian Xia Zhi" is hit. Yesterday’s broadcast of the twentieth, Zhang Xiaofan was an illusion, mistaken falling blood hole, a lot of cool special effects makes the blessing set a lot of things. Li Yifeng had no real skill on a more perfect, with the eye, action and special effects, outstanding performance is very eye-catching. All is a play every act and every move acting Li Yifeng won the praise of Zhang Xiaofan into the ancient cave bat million, it is difficult to get rid of childhood demons comeback, exploration in the process of exciting fight scenes, feelings and true nature. Struggling to resist illusion, Zhang Xiaofan spell one by one at one time, with the emotional catharsis action very smoothly, let the audience feel personally on the scene, in his heart to pain. In the face of depression in the heart of the memories, the eyes of Zhang Xiaofan miss, sad, surprised, pleased some feelings have been intertwined, the forehead is full of vivid emotional entanglements. The psychological reaction of this complex is difficult, but Li Yifeng grasp the ease and Cecil clear, look through the subtle changes in behavior and action revealed changes in the mood of characters, let the audience heart like to follow Zhang Xiaofan mood ups and downs. Li Yifeng Zhang Xiaofan’s story to P, was praised "even hair with play". No real challenge show   Li Yifeng lean for energy for the perfect Zhang Xiaofan Xian Xia Road fast, but Li Yifeng is not a small challenge. Xian Xia drama involving a large number of non physical performances, either cool or subtle look of scenes of wits, reaction, are "out" and. The seemingly effortless performance, actually need actors behind repeatedly imagination and practice to do so all blend into one harmonious whole. Although there are scenes and props in the shooting scene to help the actors into the mood, but the actor’s understanding of the role and the ability to self imagination is obviously the most important. In the face of difficult challenges, Li Yifeng unremittingly to add class rehearsal, the degree of rapid progress is obvious. For example, the scene is a battle of wits, martial arts scenes, Li Yifeng need to use weapons to show tricks. In order to achieve the smooth effect, he is a free exercise to "clubs", with the simulated action effects, "the fire stick". His to get the return, in front of the audience is a freely flowing style of writing action. With "Qingyun Chi" series broadcast, Li Yifeng’s hard work has also been recognized by the audience, users have shouted, "peak performance as in the past is reassuring, the peak was acting burst".相关的主题文章: