Lanzhou open price prescription pharmacy industry recommendations be punished – medicine separate Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Lanzhou on September 11th news (reporter Meng Yonghui Wang Yan) according to the Chinese voice of "news" reported that Lanzhou huirentang pharmacy Jingning road opened a five thousand dollars three "high price of medicine" sparked public concern. Afterwards, the patients all returned pharmacy drugs, the relevant departments have also recently opened a ticket. Not long ago, Gansu Lanzhou Liu accompanied her husband a road in Jingning, Tong pharmacy treatment, Liu found in doctor Ma Shunbing out of the prescription, densely written 60 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, including ginseng, velvet and other precious traditional Chinese medicine. "The cashier said to me for the first time it is a medicine is 3300 yuan, three drugs is more than 9 thousand. I said you this medicine, so expensive? He said to me and then re pricing, a drug that is more than 1600 yuan, three drugs is more than 5 thousand." The price of prescription, not understand medical knowledge of Liu holding expensive drugs have good curative effect "mentality, cruel to pay 5000 yuan. Money is given, but Ms. Liu puzzled, how can this medicine so expensive? Prescription in the end there is no problem? He is not the company cheated? Lanzhou city food and Drug Administration of drug circulation supervision department director Ren Hui said that after the incident, the jurisdiction of the Council units have been verified one by one of the Hui Rentang 60 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, were found from legitimate channels to purchase, qualification is also no problem. Ren Hui introduced, how much of the amount of prescription, the number of drugs, this is the guardian planning commission. This is a range of people, not our food and Drug Administration authority. The price is above the Price Bureau in the tube, we just tube quality." Price Bureau said, according to the provisions of the national development and Reform Commission [2015] document No. 904, belongs to the traditional Chinese medicine market pricing, as long as the price tag, huirentang pharmacy behavior is not illegal. As for the other side, you have to look at the food and Drug Administration and the guardian planning commission. Chen Jun, director of the Lanzhou Municipal Planning Commission in charge of comprehensive supervision, it seems, Wei Planning Commission is mainly for the practice of medical institutions in accordance with the law supervision. Price prescription is involved in the price and traditional Chinese medicine, or to the price bureau and drug administration departments to reflect. Finally, in nearly a month of administrative investigation, Lanzhou Chengguan District Health Supervision Institute of Jingning huirentang road to open a ticket, but the punishment is only for the multi physician practice has not yet been reported. Lanzhou City Chengguan District Health Authority Deputy Director Chen Min said the punishment, "the administrative penalty fines 5000 yuan, to medical institutions license revoked". The ticket is issued, a physician prescription Zuotang controversy sparked concern. So, why can the doctor visits opened a "super prescription"? The doctor visits the supervision of the behavior and to where? After the event, many Chinese are said to understand this prescription, Chinese medicine for many years engaged in the work of Dr. Wang Yuanchun believes that the "prescription is completely not to become a party, no treatment based on syndrome differentiation, not to use according to the Chinese thinking, not a prescription." Then, the doctor’s visits.相关的主题文章: