Liaoning sacked former Secretary Wang Min did not realize what political aspirations of new Liaoning provincial inspection rectification briefing, revealed a big news: former Secretary of provincial Party committee Wang Min, personal political unfulfilled expectations, negative corruption, and even conflict central, resulting in the weakening of the role of the core leadership of the provincial Party committee. The governor of Chang’an Avenue (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) found that negative corruption case, before this "double" bulletin also reflected: Wang Min as secretary of the provincial Party committee did not fulfill the management and administration of the party political responsibility, not in accordance with the requirements of the general work to fulfill the first responsibility to open false discussion and in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight bears the main responsibility of leadership and responsibility for the election canvassing bribery problem occurred in Liaoning province. As a border province, Central Committee, Wang Min is already a leader China politics. In such a high position, he still has no political aspirations? As we all know, the former party secretary of Suzhou Wang Min with experience in developed areas on the northeast of the halo. When he left Jilin, he was widely believed to have been reused. But many Jilin cadres know that Wang Min is in a bitter mood to leave. Then he pushed the reform almost failed, and he came to Jilin early in the top of dazzling aura in the political arena, further strong desire. Eventually transferred to another province, there is a gap with his expectations. In 2009, Wang Min left Jilin, transferred to Liaoning provincial Party committee. In his inaugural speech, Wang Min said: in the three provinces in Northeast China, Liaoning’s largest economy, the highest degree of industrialization, the development of the most abundant foundation, I feel a great responsibility, heavy burden." There are media reports, compared with just to the Northeast in high and vigorous spirits in Liaoning, Wang Min in the 6 years it is low-key, rarely interviewed by the media, to push and push for publicity. And he is in Jilin, Liaoning, two provinces reputation far. Despite the setbacks suffered during the ruling Jilin, but when he left the cadres meeting, the applause sounded several times. In the view of many of the cadres in Jilin, Wang Min think general didn’t do nothing. While in Liaoning, Wang Min was hard to take off the lazy government too. In Jilin, Wang Min is the weekend in Liaoning, homely food; he often go to Beijing, or go back to Jiangsu. There are media reports, various negative rumors about Wang Min, increased in Liaoning ruled period. A group of entrepreneurs from the South frequented Wang Min’s house, and he heats up, one from the Jiangsu real estate enterprises in Shenyang, Dalian and more high-end real estate development. Shenyang, a retired official said, Wang Min enters Liaoning, said Liaoning in the northeast development foundation of the strong, but after he left office in 2015, Liaoning’s GDP growth in the bottom of the country. This is of course a lot of reasons, but he is the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, absolute blame. Although his political aspirations have not been achieved, but Wang Min has helped others to achieve political aspirations. Has sacked Liaoning Provincial Committee, the committee secretary Su Hongzhang, deputy secretary of the Shenyang municipal helicopter year from Provincial Standing Committee, giving gold products to the superior was traced. As Su Hongzhang superiors, Wang Min in bribery hearsay. According to the central bulletin, Liaoning’s King 6相关的主题文章: