The hotel closed to Taiwan tour industry recession domino dump worries – Beijing, according to Taiwan media reports, then a group of mainland tourists business creation of the Taiwan travel agency recently closed without warning, for the tourism market investment shock. The KMT Legislative Yuan caucus total call Liao Guodong said a similar situation in the expected. He said that in the new authorities on cross-strait relations make it clear before the cross-strait economic and trade will only slide down, the most obvious is the genesis of tourism, travel agency just Domino. First, there will be more people. The number of Taiwan to a sudden turn for the worse according to Taiwan’s tourism department statistics, in June of this year, mainland tourists to Taiwan is only 271 thousand times, hitting a 30 month low. In July a total of 299 thousand passengers, down 15%, Liaoning Lu guest group fire car incident leads to mainland tourists market "frozen". If the industry cries, the political atmosphere did not thaw, lack of supporting scheme, at the end of the tourism industry will fall into a tablet; more recently issued a joint statement, the authorities hope to revitalize the tourism industry shot. Taiwan 1111 human bank and "Taiwan" tourism network survey, more than 65.7% of the respondents felt that the tourism industry of mainland tourists decreased, which is more 39.8% admitted performance suffer, average decline of 23%. There are 20% of the tourists choose to develop other businesses, and 20% of people choose to develop other sources, but up to 19.1% of people said, there is no response". Quality of mainland tourists group entry permit application, there are tens of thousands of people to send every day in March this year, the new government took office has plummeted, every day thousands of pieces of discontent has become the new norm, in August 18th dropped to two digits, with only 73 people. The contrast is so great that the tourism industry called "too far". The former mainland tourists travel to Taiwan hot, Taiwan relevant departments to open 500 daily quota for the Golden Horse Peng Islands project, as long as live in Islands for 1 days, can be all through the island of Taiwan in September last year; more relaxed for the Golden Horse Peng each day 1000 people recently, actually has no application cases. "The land is indeed in the reduction." The general manager of the travel agency and Matsu Wang Yongbao said, the past mainland tourists in Matsu winter tourism off-season tourists on the role of large, now mainland tourists do not come, "this winter will be colder". Taiwan tourist hotel business association chairman Lai Zhengyi said, has many hotels, travel agency performance recession, there is even a connected group of mainland tourists business hotel business, almost 90% less, and tour operators to reflect. No, more than and 200 bus stops at the company, hope to solve the Taiwan authorities. He said that at present, not only the number of trips to reduce the number of trips, the number of individual trips from 5000 people per day dropped to 4000 people, the relevant industries have obvious feelings. The performance salary plunged down according to statistics, this year the number of mainland tourists to visit Alishan down 10% year on year, the industry also said the actual performance decline of up to 80% businesses. The Riyuetan Pool yacht industry complain, said the business lost 70%. The reception area restaurants, specialty goods stores are having a difficult time. At present, in addition to Taipei and Kaohsiung metropolitan area in two is food condition, other areas have been reported on the "hotel employee policy optimization", namely with unpaid layoffs. Taiwan to receive visitors.相关的主题文章: