A 67 year old female passengers from the international cruise jumped into the sea is still missing – Sohu news according to the "Labor News" reported that the evening of September 10th, a woman from the international cruise "Sapphire Princess" jumped into the sea, still missing. Cruise company yesterday confirmed that the surveillance video confirmed that the tourists from the cruise area in the middle of the 15 decks of the public area to jump the sea, not wearing a life jacket. After the incident, start the emergency rescue plan of Shanghai maritime search and rescue center, dispatched search and rescue ship 2 ships and 1 helicopter sorties, and broadcast radio to inform the ship involved in search and rescue. But as of press time, no missing persons. The reporter understands, "Sapphire Princess" the departure from Baoshan port in September 10th, which lasted 5 days and 4 nights, trips to Nagasaki and Jeju according to the plan, by the Shanghai chatianyuan travel charter. Among them, from September 10th to September 11th for the sea cruise travel; the morning of September 12th in Nagasaki; September 13th evening arrived in Jeju Island, then will return in September 14th. However, on the morning of September 11th, there are visitors to find staff for help, said no companion. After receiving the message, the ship room immediately launched a full search for the entire ship, while arrangements for security personnel to view surveillance video. The surveillance video confirmed that the missing female passenger at 22:28 on the evening of September 10th, from the middle of the 15 deck of the public area of the sea. At this time, the cruise has reached the high seas. According to reports, the last time the passengers were witnessed in September 10th at 19. Sapphire Princess said after the incident, the captain reported the accident immediately, also ordered Cruise Return search. According to the Shanghai maritime search and rescue center news, 9:45 on September 11th received a report, "Sapphire Princess" in round 11 8:50 found a passenger (female, born in Hunan, born July 1949) missing, by ship borne CCTV (CCTV) playback found the missing passengers in the Yangtze River Estuary East light ship about 16 nautical miles (East China Sea) from the ship deck 15 (about 40 meters) on the starboard side of the front "jumped into the sea, not wearing a life jacket. After receiving the report, immediately carry out search and rescue operations, but there is still no news of the missing persons.相关的主题文章: