Home-and-Family The techniques for creating a shower pan start with the placement of framing square, then preparation of the drain, installation of the shower drain pipe, installation of the shower drain fitting, leveling of the shower pan, preparing and also apply the bedding materials, positioning of the shower pan in place, and lastly use of the finishing details. Shower pans are the part of a bathroom shower booth which you stand on while showering. The pan will keep your house from being damaged by water, while at the same time assisting the user’s bodyweight. Several house owners hire bathroom remodeling contractors to set up their shower pans; however, you can do the project on you own. Check out this article to assist you through the job. Location of framing square Have a framing square placed on the corners where the wall studs meet the floor in the area where you plan to create the shower pan. Utilize the square to be certain that the place where the 2 stud wall surfaces meet is a square. There may be one or two corners at the meeting point of the 2 stud walls, depending on the shower pan’s design and style. If there is any section of the stud which doesn’t seem right, fix this before moving on with the different tasks. Prepare the drain By using a jigsaw, slice a five inch by five inch square in the subfloor where the shower drain will be headed. Read the maker’s instructions on the shower pan and talk about them about the dimensions necessary for the drain’s place. Setup shower drain pipe Set up the pipe for the shower drain in line with the maker’s instructions which came with the product. Have the shower pan’s directions and refer to this regarding the entire drain pipe that should stick over the floor’s surface through the opening that was made in the subflooring. Create shower drain fitting Set up the fitting of the shower drain in the lower area of the shower pan and also on its opening by following the manufacturer’s guidelines on the drain. Have the shower pan positioned on the floor in a way that the drain fitting situated on the pan’s bottom will slide over the drain pipe within the floor. As needed, slide the pan to make sure that the pan’s edges are pressed up towards the wall studs. Level the actual shower pan Have a 4-foot level put into numerous directions inside the pan. Bring the percolate of the level between the two markings by placing wood shims beneath the shower pan. With the use of a pencil, create a mark on top of the shower pan’s installation flange. Lift the shower pan up and get it placed inside. Then, take off the shims. Prepare and also utilize bedding materials Prepare the bedding materials which the manufacturer advises, that is often mortar or perhaps plaster, by combining it based on the instructions found in the bag. Put the bedding materials onto the floor where you will have the shower pan permanently placed and spread it by utilizing a trowel. Be sure you have an adequate quantity of bedding materials to support the shower pan’s entire bottom. Set shower pan in place Before the bedding materials sets, have the shower pan put above it. Be sure that the drain fitting on the bottom of the pan would slide on the drain pipe which will come out through the floor. Press down on the shower pan in a straight way until you find that the set up flange reaches the markings on the studs that you created earlier. Be certain that the pan’s front edge is touching the subfloor. Utilize finishing touches Allow the bedding materials set. Position cement board or drywall on the wall studs and also over the pan’s set up flange. Keep a 1/8-inch distance between the concrete board or drywall and the shower pan’s splash rim. Since this task and the things necessary to it cost money, it is essential that you plan the project well. Do thorough research, and do not attempt the project until you feel that you are totally ready. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: