Automobiles A bad head gasket is one of the most costly repairs a car owner may have to make during the life of their vehicle. The head gasket has a very important function in any car, including a Nissan Maxima engine . This gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinder head. The purpose of this part is to seal the cylinders of the Nissan Maxima engine. By sealing these cylinders, the car owner can be assured that they have the maximum compression possible. It is necessary to have proper compression in a car engine to prevent engine coolant or engine oil from leaking into the cylinders of the engine. The problem with a head gasket comes when the gasket begins to leak. The leak can cause serious damage to a Nissan maxima engine if not replaced or repaired quickly because eventually the leak will cause the head gasket to blow. In a car with a blown head gasket, the car will have less power and idle more roughly than before the gasket blew because of the compression loss associated with this engine problem. Another side effect of a bad head gasket is engine overheating. This is caused by gases from the vehicle"s exhaust being forced into the cooling system. Overheating can cause severe and costly engine damage. Due to the loss of compression, coolant from the Nissan Maxima"s cooling system can leak into engine"s cylinders, causing extreme wear and possibly destruction of the vehicle"s catalytic converter, an indispensable piece of the emission control system. There are a few methods of diagnosing a bad head gasket in a Nissan 350Z engine without taking it to a mechanic. The first sign that a vehicle has a leaky head gasket is in the oil. If the head gasket has been compromised, many times there will be engine coolant in the oil of the vehicle. This will cause the oil to resemble the color and consistency of a chocolate milkshake. This will also show up on the dipstick used for checking the vehicle"s engine oil levels. On the other hand, a faulty head gasket can cause oil to leak into the engine coolant. This will cause the coolant to take on a dark, muddy appearance. This can be seen in the engine coolant reservoir when the cap is removed. One should always remember not to remove this cap while the engine is hot, as escaping steam can cause severe burns. Another symptom typical of a bad head gasket in a Nissan Maxima engine is low engine coolant. If the car owner is finding that it is necessary to add engine coolant rather frequently, this is a sign that there is a leak somewhere in the cooling system of the vehicle. In the case of a faulty head gasket, the coolant is leaking into the cylinders of the engine. Another sign of this is coolant around the area where the spark plugs are located. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: