Weight-Loss Have you ever tried to lose weight? Did you succeed? If not, why not? Well let me tell you, if you have "dieted" as opposed to "healthy eating" (as a lifestyle), then you were always doomed to failure, sorry! And, that will never change! Dieting you see for the most part is almost a form of punishment in many cases, a self inflicted "restriction" for allowing ourselves to become FAT. Well, that"s never going to be sustained, is it? Healthy eating on the other hand is not only healthy & nutritious but it also has positive connotations too. And, done correctly, it is a very tasty and fulfilling alternative to the traditional diet. The other big positive from eating healthy is that you learn as you eat, about nutrition. Now learning about nutrition as opposed to reading labels to count calories and "follow a traditional diet" is a gift for life, because the more you learn, the more you will do the right thing, without even thinking about it. Think about it. Yes you may want to drop a dress size or fit into those jeans for summer or winter or whatever, but your life is much more important than simply how you look (yes, I know that can be important too), but healthy eating "" as a habit "" means you never need to worry about the trivial things again, like dress or jean sizes. You also never need to measure your food, count calories, read labels or any of that nonsense again. Another thing; let"s face it, eating healthy just makes sense! We all know that but we get stuck on the hamster wheel of trying this diet, that fad or the other "new thing". Have you ever tried the Atkins Diet, who can live without carbs all day? I can"t! What about "eating" as a meal "" A MILKSHAKE? Come on, or how about 2 shakes a day for the rest of your life…is that a plan you want to follow? Look, going on cyclic diets over many years, decades in some cases, only leads to disappointment at best and dreadful illnesses and conditions at worst. Heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer are the obvious ailments, but there are more and none should ever be in your wish list. Would it shock you to learn that the multibillion dollar industry in "healthy food" is not healthy at all? Sure, you"ve seen the fast-food restaurants ordered to clean up their acts, only to produce "healthy options" that are just as bad as the original meals, they are just presented better. Well, many of the best well known "health foods" and snacks are just the same! Do you really think that a multi processed frozen meal that tastes like cardboard and leaves you feeling dissatisfied and hungry is helping you? You know it"s not. The upshot is this. Almost every diet you have ever heard of or tried doesn"t work for the long term. Anyone can go on a liquid only diet/meat only diet/counting this or that only diet and show an impressive weight loss in the beginning, but have you seen them a couple of months down the line? Even heavier than when they started. Only a healthy diet (in the proper sense) will produce proper long-term results. Healthy eating as a plan is the only way to unburden yourself from the shackles of being on a "diet" for the rest of your life in all probability. Take a few minutes now and read the excellent review on Healthy Eating, the link is in my Bio section below, but make sure to read it and go from there. Your health is THE most important asset you own. Protect it at all costs and have a happy and fulfilling life as a reward! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: