6 people travel cost tens of millions of advertising   custom travel to the air? – Travel Channel West embarrassed renderings in Beijing on November 21st, the office appeared a series of creative advertising "the west" embarrassed, this is the 6 tour customized travel following the October was 25 million yuan after the capital increase, a big movement in the winter capital — the cost of tens of millions of advertising brand building. Designed to highlight the ability of 6 people to travel with the tour to solve the pain points, so that more tourists agree with the concept of customized travel, and enjoy the intimate service provided by the 6 tour. 6 people travel notes "embarrassed" West series of ads to 80 well-known cartoon image as the center element, with exaggerated creative expression, through the "tour" has a strong visual impact of the expression, expression of strangers with the tour of embarrassment, to convey the core competitiveness of customized tour with strangers fight ". Why choose to put advertisements in the capital cost of tens of millions of people swim in winter, 6 custom travel founder and CEO Jia Jianqiang said: "the capital of winter period, mature planning company would be more likely to obtain recognition of capital, of course, is also very important tactics. Take the most conservative tactics in the same company, 6 people travel in the opposite direction, choose the force in marketing, can often achieve a multiplier effect, coupled with good ideas and mature users into and retained system, you can put 1 dollars spent 10 quick money effect." According to the "Forbes" published information, in 2015, China individual mass affluent number of investment assets in 600 thousand – 6 million yuan has reached 15 million 280 thousand people, the assets of more than 1 million 400 thousand yuan more than the number of 12 million 300 thousand people. Only customized travel to meet the needs of this part of the crowd, according to the current 6 people swim at $70 thousand per unit price calculation, which will be a nearly one trillion market. The custom tour as a prominent high customer price, service advantages category, on the one hand, there are higher requirements for the company’s brand, on the other hand, user education would also need to customize the tour, transfer custom tour compared to the traditional tourism service upgrade. Jia Jianqiang said: "2017 – 2018 will be customized in the field of tourism outlet, the advertising, it is in the air before, bold attack, occupy the market, lay 6 people swimming in the custom field of tourism market position." (commissioning editor: Li Yawen (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: