Home-Improvement Lighting as a function serves to brighten up or illuminate dark spaces. As a form of art, it relies on the subtle interplay of light and shadow to create interesting visual treats. Lighting in modern times, forms an important part of interior design and home dcor. These products are not restricted to use in interiors, but figure extensively in exterior spaces such as drive ways, gardens, and outdoor posts. There are five striking features that define and differentiate new age lighting from its older counterpart. Different forms of modern lights serve different functions Lighting is classified into ambient/general, task, and accent lighting depending on the purpose or function it serves. Ambient or general lighting is used to brighten up dark spaces. Task lighting assists in performing specific activities or tasks such as reading, sewing etc. Accent lighting is more decorative than it is functional, and is used to highlight objects or pieces of art. Modern lighting includes products such as flush and semi-flush wall mounts, wall sconces, chandeliers, pendants, floor and table lamps, and so on. Though most of them function as ambient lights, certain variants of these products are designed specifically to assist in task and accent lighting. There is a modern light fixture for every room in the house New age fixtures, being available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes, are suitable for use in any room, nook, or corner of the house. There are wall sconces designed specifically for bathrooms and mini chandeliers for small and narrow spaces like hallways. There are lamps for outdoor use and lighting bars for illuminating kitchen islands. The design of modern light fixtures revolves around themes Lighting fixtures in present times are as important a dcor element, as they are functional ones. This means that the products used for illumination are created around current trends and to match the style and themes of the houses they are used in. Though contemporary themes are the most popular, brands and manufacturers of light fixtures create variants within or outside urbane designs to cater to the tastes of different customers. While some brands rely on inspiration from architectural styles, some others focus on nautical ones. For non-lovers of contemporary themes, there are traditional light fixtures, and for those who prefer crossovers, there are transitional ones. Present day light fixtures are versatile To increase the ease of use and to serve different specific needs, modern lighting .es equipped with different functions. Some of these include swing and swivel arms that allow the light to be focused on specific objects or desired spaces. Track lights have bulbs that are rotatable and can be made to point in multiple directions. Lights for use in bedrooms .e equipped with dimmers for use at night time. Modern lights help save energy Though present day light fixtures use a wide range of bulbs, leading brands of lighting incorporate energy saving sources into their fixtures. This includes the use of LED and Energy Star rated lamps that consume up to seventy percent less energy and produce less heat than conventional ones. Modern lighting is thus concoction of design, functionality, and versatility, and is created to suit the needs and tastes of new age consumers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: