5 and 9 balls! Aguero with the two big data to create the history of the – Sohu sports 4-0! After a long night, today’s al Ittihad stadium, Manchester City and ushered in a fully and delightfully victory. There is no doubt that this is a master by Aguero " > gaoqingtu: Aguero roar soar Stryn crazy gallant 4-0! After a long night, today’s al Ittihad stadium, Manchester City and ushered in a fully and delightfully victory. There is no doubt that this is a battle of Aguero. The League was suspended missed Manchester derby Argentina, final release pressure at this moment. The new season of the tournament 5 and 9 goals in a KUN team, coach Guardiola under the command of a trend which cannot be halted! The German team has always been Manchester City’s favorite opponent, the blue moon in the history of the 8 home against the German team, made a record of 5 wins, 2 draws and a perfect record of 1. Of course, for Aguero, the German team is one of the best at his opponent, the Argentina striker had face the German team in the Champions League, scored 4 goals in total. Now, against the Monchengladbach team, in the face of the familiar and unfamiliar Bundesliga club, Aguero once again demonstrated his "bloodthirsty" character. Like the past few games, Aguero quickly enter the state, after just 8 minutes for the blue moon made a dream start. At that time, Manchester City left boundary ball out, Kolarov’s biography, before Aguero outflanking score. Miss Manchester derby after Argentina, return to the Champions League to vent their anger. In fact, for Aguero, the goal is of extraordinary significance! You know, this is the 300th goal of his career! Today, with this ball, a KUN is also officially among the top scorer in the history of the European Championship 20! Start 8 minutes, it’s just the beginning of Aguero’s show. As everyone knows, in the Champions League qualifier against the Romania giants, Argentina Bucharest, had two times the penalty kick experience, and thus he was being questioned. Although after return to the Premier League at Storck City, Aguero personally created Otamendi penalty into the penalty has practical action for his name. But when the return to the Champions League once again gone 12 yards, perhaps there are many fans struggle with this: brave ah KUN will once again fail? It turns out that for Manchester City, the first penalty kick, we really worry about! In the Al Ittihad fans in the audience expectations sound, Argentina this moment to put aside all thoughts, the face of the general state of Sohmer was extremely calm, a right to the ball into the net! The Aguero show culminated in seventy-seventh minutes. At that time, Stryn sent precise passes, after the formation of single, Sohmer calm tuishe easily just jumped out the door. On this goal, Aguero has been in the new season 5 games 9 ball team! At the same time, this is the second time in the Champions League KUN a hat trick! He also created a great record: the first in the history of the Premier League相关的主题文章: