Photography Since most of the companies have online presence, unique product photography is used by a number of companies to attract customers. In fact, the 360-degree photography has become the main marketing technique for most of the online businesses. Unlike the traditional two dimensional product photographs, 360-degree photography displays the products from all 360 degrees. In the past many vendors were reluctant to embrace this technology, as they are very slow to load. But with increasing broadband speeds the loading of the images has also become fast thus pushing the usage of 360 product photography. Advanced image technology has also shrunk the size of image files to 1 MB allowing fast loading in the browser. One thing to keep in mind is that, 360 degree images are not useful for all sorts of products. For example, seeing a corn flake box pack from 360 degrees will not give any special message, but looking at a camera or a car from all sides surely adds to the visual appeal. Since the cost of incorporating 360 degree images is on the higher side, businesses need to decide whether the additional cost for having 360 degree images is really worth it. 360 degree images allow the visitor to rotate the photographs to all sides, right, left, bottom and top. So the visitor is able to view the product from all its sides and also gives a clearer picture of the product one is planning to buy. Lets assume a situation to better explain the differences between the traditional images and the 360 degree ones. Lets assume that a person is planning to buy a camera online. His search has shortlisted on two websites, which sells products online. Lets also assume that, the first one has all the images in 2 dimensions, while the second one has 360 images of all the listed products. Now when the visitor visits the first sit, he sees a number of images of cameras along with the functionality listed below. Lets assume he decides to buy a camera of brand A from the first site. Now as a second thought, he visits the second site and sees the 360 degree image of the camera of the same brand. He can see the camera from all sides and also see the different options available on the camera. The visitor will most probably buy from the second site as it gives greater details of the images of the camera. The 360 degree image also allows the buyer to thoroughly see the product before purchase, thus leaving any chances of disappointment. By now everyone have known that the conventional product photography improves the sale of the online store, but the provision of 360 degree images boosts the customer satisfaction. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all products require 360 degree images. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: