35 companies gaosongzhuan 11 months surged more than 20% Sohu securities semi annual report this year gaosongzhuan concept has been very hot, with the disclosure of the report nears its end, dividend rate of A shares of listed companies of particular concern. As of late August intensive listed companies released semi annual report, as of August 24th, a total of 1484 companies to disclose the 2016 semi annual results, 68 companies issued a dividend plan, among them, 35 companies have disclosed plans gaosongzhuan (10 shares for every 10 shares or more), the number of days to run the newspaper distribution plan entertainment, rainbow, ikang science and technology, Wu Tong holdings, Huangshanghuang and other 5 companies every 10 shares, or 30 shares transferred. It is reported that yesterday, Huangshanghuang released 2016 report and dividend announcement for half a year, the company ended June 30, 2016 the total share capital of 125 million shares as the base, to every 10 shares 5 shares, cash dividend for every 10 shares of 1.25 yuan, while the capital reserve fund, the total share capital of 125 million shares as the base to all shareholders for every 10 shares 25 shares, the total transfer of about 375 million shares. Affected by this, yesterday gaosongzhuan frequently changes the concept of plate, Huang, pagoda industrial intraday trading strong, Jinke entertainment also rose 6.33%, hingsen technology, entertainment, Tianrun Dewei new material, Zaisheng technology, rainbow refined, Lin Yang energy, red medicine, Wu Tong holdings, four new material, Tak television other stocks also rose more than 2%. Capital flows, according to media market research center statistics, the sector yesterday a total of 21 related stocks showed a net inflow of large single state, among them, there are 20 stocks large single capital inflows in 10 million yuan, rainbow single net inflow of funds to reach 187 million 878 thousand and 200 yuan, Wu Tong Holdings, entertainment, Jinke Tianrun number Lin Yang sun entertainment, energy, pharmaceutical and other 5 stocks large single capital inflows over 50 million yuan, 92 million 373 thousand and 800 yuan respectively, 77 million 617 thousand and 300 yuan, 75 million 372 thousand and 800 yuan, 73 million 809 thousand yuan and 59 million 839 thousand and 800 yuan, in addition, get new energy, hingsen technology, HWTOYS, and the Thai culture, VTR, 002497 Dulwich new material and other 6 stocks over 30 million yuan large inflow of funds, the 12 stocks accumulated suction gold 789 million yuan. During the month from the performance point of view, these 35 stocks, in addition to ikang science and technology, Yunnan, century cruise can 3 stock suspension, the remaining 32 months performance related stocks outperform all (the Shanghai Composite Index rose 3.58% over the same period), the number of entertainment, entertainment, Jinke Tianrun period rose in more than 50%, respectively 81.41%, 53.82%, and Huang (38.39%), (34.29%), Jinguan electric vtr (31.84%), Wu Tong Holdings (29%), Central Asia (26.65%), Gao Weida shares (25.27%), rainbow (24.07%), (22.45%), and the Thai pagoda industry (21.35%) 9 cumulative period stocks also rose over 20%. ;相关的主题文章: