3 pieces of 9 pounds to buy even sauerkraut well, even buy a pound of old altar pickled fish! Sohu eat and drink! What’s the old altar pickled fish let me get success! Because the boss to listen to start the day, the old altar pickled fish for three consecutive days are 3 9 pound mosquito! National day finally street to LA blare! (don’t eat not Chinese [] the original 39 yuan Jin hee) the old altar pickled fish, turned 3.9 yuan a catty, 90 percent off fish oh! The boss also presented a pot of spicy artifact! Will take you hey turn October! Is it really cheap fish to eat? Really delicious? Of course, you don’t lie to me! Not as crazy sister pickled fish Po tell you not to go before discount had two times, so good a little addicted to [his face] the boss engaged in the catering industry for many years, produced for ingredients and has strict requirements! Spice, pepper, pepper and sauce are flown in from Sichuan, the taste is guaranteed! · the old altar pickled fish saw the yen value you don’t need to worry about it right! Definitely red explosion of pickled fish! The boss at the use of materials, the choice of fresh sea bass fish tender and juicy! But this fish pickled cabbage leaves is really their own old altar pickled oh! Even more unexpected is that this fish also put their own pickled radish, added a little sweet! I really did not eat sour radish pickled fish ah, and whether it is pickled cabbage leaves and sour radish, sweet and sour moderate, not a bit choked throat, all meals, even the fish can eat dishes with light! In a word · fresh pepper and melon perch this fish although there are fresh pepper, but belongs to the spicy, specially recommended to eat spicy stir fried vermicelli drop ~ add the garlic, fish more taste, soak in the thick white gourd soup, thinly sliced, fried chicken flavor! · pickled cabbage grilled sea bass popular food fish, then you must not miss this fish. Secret sauce fragrant, plus pickled old sauerkraut, you in other places can not show! Charcoal is prosperous, the sauce seems to want to grunt into the shot up photographer, pickled bubble soup sauce to eat fish mouth, ah, life and work become lovely, and the fighting power and delicious goose, and of course more than fish, spicy crab frog classic dishes in addition to keep. The store & Thai sour soup with beef, fresh pepper New Zealand sheep and so on new dishes, and desserts have a soft waxy sweet blueberry yam, leisurely taste of surprise, the price value of conscience! There is a can not miss the cold dish! I cry very spicy liao! This dish is good oil Yan high value, well, love spicy spicy, ensure people can’t eat enough (I), do not eat spicy food (my colleagues) is not willing to give up with Wanglaoji eat! · Pork Lungs in Chili Sauce pieces are as thin as cicada’s wings, first with enough refreshing flavor, coriander, sesame, peanuts entrance point, moved Chinese! The wet lung soup fish, red oil essence very moist, a bite into the mouth is not greasy, spicy gravy to stimulate your taste buds, you got to stop! · spicy duck tongue a fleshy, elastic teeth相关的主题文章: