3 car drivers buy nets about cheating software development software jingfangxingju pick live gang – Beijing Gang development about car sales network cheating software jingfangxingju thirty thousand network about the car driver to buy cheating software pick live net about car drivers use a cheat software, and network client about the car can be opened at the same time, in order to avoid the network about car company the car rules, pick your love one, can even position deception, a distance of 10 kilometers will become 11 kilometers, passengers overcharged money. This year, the country has more than 3 regions in the purchase of more than drivers, the use of such cheating software, resulting in net loss of about $about 6000000 car company. August 28th, the development of the software sales of the gang was arrested in Beijing, Guangzhou police, the 5 suspects have been under criminal detention. It is understood that, specifically for the network about the car software vulnerabilities illegal profit cases, the first case in the country. The network about the car company background display abnormal in July 29th, a Beijing network about the car company to Beijing City Public Security Bureau network security corps report said, others through the development of driver for APP, can interfere in the computer information system of operation of the company’s data, so as to realize the driver of the vehicle dispatch request refused to single, "pick list without restrictions. Due to the relatively low price of the cheat and make the driver to maximize profits, the country has more than 3 drivers to buy, use, resulting in more than 600 yuan of economic losses. According to the network about a person in charge of the car company, the company can always display the background of the driver’s trajectory and orders, a period of time, the company found that some drivers have a single exception. Under normal circumstances, the company to the driver to distribute orders and subsidies are in accordance with the driver’s position, evaluation scores, travel distance and other factors considered. But the background found that some good should not be given to these drivers, but it gave, or some drivers can receive a good 1 days in a single. This means that these drivers will be able to get more benefits, defrauding subsidies should not be. The official said, based on a set of fair and effective rules of the company’s background, the use of passenger car network software can be called within one or two minutes. Some people do not obey the rules, the company has caused the loss of passengers is also unfavorable. Passengers may need to wait a long time to call a car, or to the car but was rejected, the ecological environment of the taxi if things go on like this, will be destroyed. The company has been concerned about some drivers for more than half a year, confirmed the use of these drivers suspected of cheating device, and found that someone selling a high-profile cheating device, so the police asked the police for help. Secret cheat software can grab a single refused to receive the alarm, the Beijing Public Security Bureau network security corps investigators immediately set up a task force to investigate. This is a new type of crime, and is the first case in the country. By communicating with the company’s technical staff to understand the rules of the background, the police identified the principle of the cheat, and locked the suspect. Network security corps investigators, the cheat is a mobile client, and the network about the car’s software to open at the same time. Cheating by programming tampering, interference network about the original car Ying相关的主题文章: