Yunnan, 25 year old man with double kidney after all the results of the identification of the two are completely opposite – in August 25th, Li Xiaobin, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, Menghai County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine at the door. This is the 168th day of his kidney loss. It was the first time in 168 days that he came here. In March 10th, after a car accident, he was sent to surgery. In March 20th, has been transferred to Xishuangbanna Prefecture People’s Hospital Li Xiaobin learned that he had lost the double kidney. He is less than 25 years old. For his two medical identification results is quite different: in the state of Xishuangbanna Medical Association medical malpractice book, doctors bear secondary responsibility; in Yunnan Province medical technical appraisal for medical accidents in medical responsibility. 10 days after the surgery the patient did not know kidney Li Xiaobin is Qujing people in Luoping. 3 years ago, he and Brown Menghai County Township village girl Brown Meng ang Yu C tender love, do a pig farm and winery. In March 10th this year, he was driving three wheeled motorcycle back from 23 kilometers away from hongqicun, passing a three fork, steering wheel and brakes suddenly, rushed down the steep road. 3:30 pm, he was sent to Menghai County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. The diagnosis report about the kidney is "the right renal volume increases, the shape is abnormal, the right kidney parenchyma echo is not uniform, the structure is not clear, the renal capsule can be seen under the 16× 2.5cm heterogeneous echo. The left kidney showed no abnormal echo, and right renal enlargement, the envelope is not clear, jiangaodi mixed density, right kidney boundary is not clear, more consideration of renal contusion". The preoperative diagnostic display, Li Xiaobin "the right kidney severe contusion and hematoma with huge bladder, blood, L2, L3, L4 on the left vertebral transverse fracture, the body multiple soft tissue contusion, acute hemorrhagic shock, will impose" right kidney exploration and hemostasis surgery, lower extremity sutured out exploration". Li Xiaobin was promoted to the operation room at 5:40 PM, was launched at 10:30 pm. Tender jade C remember, during 5 hours, the doctor Rowan said "3 times out of the operation room, critically ill patients, but no tender jade C to the removal of the right kidney. In March 11th 4 pm, in forcing the family, Li Xiaobin transferred to Xishuangbanna state hospital. He is very strange, the doctor always asks him: "did you pee?" He is also very strange, he has not urinate. He was all over, the heaviest time 83 kg, and he usually only 60 kg. Until March 20th, the doctor accidentally said "kidney", under questioning, the family did not know: Li Xiaobin the double kidney. In May 6th, the Li Xiaobin family came to the Xishuangbanna Health Bureau of health supervision, medical organization will accept the technical identification of medical accidents on Li Xiaobin double kidney deficiency will. In May 23rd, Li Xiaobin and Menghai County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and received the appraisal report, the conclusion is: the case of two grade medical accident, doctors bear secondary responsibility. Li Xiaobin family can not accept this conclusion, in June 2nd to apply for re identification. July 25th, the Yunnan Provincial Medical Association organized the second appraisal meeting. August 16th, Li Xiaobin received a report conclusion Rui相关的主题文章: