2016 in the twenty-fifth round of Yanbian flight home court 3-2 Lectra Hebei Huaxia Yanbian home court victory over Sina Huaxia sports news Beijing time on September 17th afternoon, the 2016 season of Super League twenty-fifth round continues, Yanbian flight home court 3-2 Lectra Hebei Huaxia happiness, to reach 32 points, basically completed the task of relegation. The opening 2 minutes, Alois Theo Kakuta inclined plug, free from. Forty-third minutes, Jin Bo manufacturing penalty, Jin Chengda kick hit. Half stoppage time, gold bearing fast counterattack pass, Steve melee sideways volley. Sixty-first minutes, Alois Theo manufacturing penalty, he personally got hit. Seventy-seventh minutes, Zhong Guo pool corner into the box, Cui people rub the header. In eighty-eighth minutes, rumes eat a second yellow card was sent off. The arrival of Pellegrini failed to stop the Hebei Huaxia decline, the last round of Pellegrini in the stands witnessed Hebei Huaxia home court lost 0-3 Evergrande, getting away from the top three. The game, away to Yanbian flight, will be the official debut of Pellegrini took over after the. But Yanbian food is not a rookie, nearly 5 home court hit 4 wins 1 flat record, 29 points of the total score from relegation only one step away. The first leg of the season against Hebei, China beat Yanbian 1-0 flight home court. Opening less than 2 minutes, the road of Hebei Huaxia Road: the first to break the Kakuta to attract defense after the ball suddenly sent very covert oblique plug ball, Alois Theo ball face goalkeeper free from. Fifth minutes, Hebei Huaxia again to find the opportunity, Lee strong low shot from outside the area, the ball was a pool to resolve the threat. Later, Pu Shihao on pushing Luo Senwen, the referee booked. Fourteenth minutes, Yanbian flight miskick, Alois Theo ready to go through the fast on the goalkeeper, but was out of Chi Wen fell off the ball. Fifteenth minutes, Haifeng Ding foul on Jin Bo in the tackle, the referee booked to Haifeng Ding. Steve outside the area volley hit the ball high. Alois Theo scored the opening three minutes   seventeenth minutes, Kakuta again sent very covert Zhise, Jiang Ning fast on the ball with the face goalkeeper, Jiang Ning was the one hand into the pool out. Nineteenth minutes, Jiang Ning and his teammates and a match after the bottom line to the nearby inverted triangle return, Alois Theo in front of follow up volley was shot dangchu bottom guard. A corner to the forbidden area, Alois Theo heavy artillery shot shot fly. Twenty-second minutes after the break out of the wing, Kakuta curve ball, mubiya box strong header, the ball is a firmly get Chi wen. Twenty-seventh minutes, Steve ball fast counterattack, Gurum tactical foul booked. After that, Yang Yang was also due to a foul by the referee yellow card warning. Thirty-first minutes, Jiang Ning pass in the corner, mbia’s headed rebound went straight to the corner, a pool of the flying ball out and confiscated in the bosom. Thirty-third minutes, Yanbian flight houchangchangzhuan, Steve got the ball into the box, easy to smear the Golden Ocean after the back door, Jin Bo quickly rushed to the small angle shot by Yang Cheng saved the bottom line. Thirty-eighth minutes, Jiang Ning pass in the corner, Arlo)相关的主题文章: