2016 Global Online Game Market Research Report: expected revenue of $19 billion 800 million Sina game news   U.S. data research firm Superdata today announced the 2016 global online game market research report. Data show that the agency expects 2016 global online games revenues of $19 billion 800 million, will occupy 60% of the global PC digital game revenue. Since the Superdata report in the MMO game includes almost all types of online games, so the report of the MMO game actually refers to all online games. The report lists the global online revenue forecast comparison, the content is divided into free system and the system of payment online, we can see that the Asian free online games this year is expected to be $11 billion 200 million internationally, and the system of payment online only $1 billion 400 million; Europe and Asia, is free of charge for online games accounted for the bulk, expected revenue of $2 billion 900 million. Figure five regions, free online games are expected to pay far more than paid online games, on the current market, the free online games is undoubtedly the trend. In addition, the report of the 2016 1-4 month ten of the world’s most profitable online games, there are 6 models are free online games, including "hero alliance" ($582 million), "Cross Fire" ($377 million), DNF ($292 million) respectively occupy the top three, "world of tanks" ($148 million), "DOTA2" ($88 million) and "Adventure Island" ($83 million) in 5, 7, 9. In addition, "the sword of the spirit" because South Korea is therefore not included in the payment system, free online games. Pay for online games, "World of Warcraft" is still dominate, within 4 months of revenue of $198 million. (source: Bus) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: