2016 Chinese (Hezhou) new media summit opening   Huang Yao ancient town into the permanent venue — public opinion Channel – people.com.cn jointly hosted by people.com.cn, the CPC Hezhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, sina.com.cn, Tencent.com, people.com.cn 2016 public opinion monitoring room co? China (Hezhou) new media summit in Guangxi on 30. Held in Hezhou. The concert with "new media, new media ecology, heart of life — the integration and development and longevity of the city marketing" is the theme of a strong return, from all over the country’s new media elite, experts and scholars, V Reds gathered to explore the development of new media, to discuss the new concept of development under the new normal the media, trend and thinking of the interpretation of the 2016 new media environment. The summit invited people.com.cn deputy editor Dong Mingjun, Lu Shaoyang Dean of Peking University School of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University School of Journalism and communication, Communication University of China, executive vice president Chen Changfeng, vice president of New Media Research Institute, Chinese Youth Daily editorial three Cao Cao Lin, Zheng Sina travel division travel editor senior director Xu Jing, Tencent advertising center Ding Li effect other large coffee, interpretation and analysis of common all-round and multi angle on the current pattern of regional media, new media development of city marketing and other aspects of the new form, new media era. Ad hoc summit Roundtable forum, the theme of "technical data driven marketing value innovation" and "new media + health delicacy", the big coffee industry to explore the collision point of view, city marketing and new media friends, roundtable discussion LET radiation broader, more powerful to view only. Hezhou mayor Li Hongqing said that the development of Hezhou society cannot do without the support of friends, this year held China (Hezhou) new media competition has become an important window for an important platform for new media to discuss the development and promotion of Hezhou, we hope that more collision sparks of wisdom in the discussion, more profound in experience the feeling of the beauty of Hezhou. People’s daily deputy editor Dong Mingjun said that the use of new media, not only the choice of the development of traditional media transformation, but also at all levels of government must have the quality and ability. Hezhou rich natural resources, historical resources and ecological health resources, with the development of new media and the wisdom of the new media elite, out of Guangxi, to the country. Dean of the school of Journalism and communication, Peking University, said Lu Shaoyang, the Internet broke through the limitations of time and space, changing the way we know and experience the world. Hezhou is a historical memory, geographical characteristics, national characteristics, Hezhou held Chinese beautiful scenery Cultural Festival, the Internet, such as network broadcast and other red to further expand the influence of Hezhou. The event, also held a China (Hezhou) new media summit, the permanent venue opening ceremony, "China delicacy of longevity" award ceremony. It is reported that in September 30th October 1st Summit, there is a feast not to be missed – 2016? Chinese (Hezhou) new media and the Guangxi Hezhou Qunying first long cultural festival, will be placed in the characteristics of Huang Yao ancient town longevity dustpan feast. (commissioning editor Wang Xiaohua and Zhu Minggang)相关的主题文章: