"2" is expected to start in January next year, Deadpool fast kill " " director or replace "Deadpool 2" entertainment – Sohu is expected next year in Vancouver in January. (source: time network) superhero movie "2" on the end of the month Deadpool lost director Tim Miller. Exit for a film director often means making extension, but this situation did not happen in the "2" Deadpool body, the film will begin shooting in Canada recently traced to Vancouver in January next year. What’s Filming? Website recently listed a list of movies will be filmed in Vancouver, "2" which appeared in deadpool. If the news is true, it means that the twentieth Century Fuchs company and film production team will not be delayed because the director exit plan, but the problem is that they must find a new director as soon as possible. Two weeks ago, Tim – Miller and Reynolds – because Ruian "creative differences" from the "2" movie soundtrack Deadpool, XL csonki also announced a few days ago exit. At present, the director of the film side of the film is directed by the "quick kill" David – ray. Ruian Leiqi and Reynolds have worked in the 2009 "Wolverine", Leiqi is a stunt coordinator, and Reynolds played in the film is deadpool.相关的主题文章: