The 17 year old juvenile depression online said to "human flesh search and rescue police Dutch act" original title: 17 year old boy chat depression said want to chat to help the police find him Dutch act Yangzi Evening News Network September 18th news (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Ding Xiaomeng reporter Pei Rui) recently, Nanjing Qinhuai police saved a life in high school students. This year only 17 year old depression in QQ said to commit suicide, enthusiastic users alarm, the police on the Internet to collect information, and soon found the party and notify his family. Police advise, prone to high incidence of mental illness in autumn, patients with depression to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. At 11:25 in the evening of September 11th, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau Qinhuai yueyahu police station received a warning of foreigners, said a netizen Xiao Wu to his understanding of the Dutch act. The police and this year has just three Wu is QQ on the understanding of friends, two people often chat on the internet. The night of the incident, Xiao Wu told heavy speech alarm people, feel alive boring, want to Dutch act. Since then, Xiao Wu will down, then how did not respond. Alarm people worried, but Xiao Wu’s name, absolutely ignorant of other information. In desperation, he had to ask the police station yueyahu. Finished it, alarm people anxiously told police, Xiao Wu because of academic pressure, suffering from severe depression for a year, once a Dutch act. The usual thought enlighten will slow down his illness, did not think Xiao Wu still want to commit suicide. Because of what human life, youth is dead or alive, police rushed to carry out the work. The clues provided by the police, the police quickly traced, quickly find out the specific identity information Xiao wu. Fortunately, when the police arrived at little Wu Jiazhong, he was safe and sound. Xiao Wu asked parents after they said that although the clear son suffering from depression, but think through persuasion has been recovered, so the negative emotions of Xiao Wu recently did not know he has not take it seriously, not to dispel the idea of suicide. Although the current crisis has been lifted, but the police know that depression is recurrent, refractory. After police patience persuasion, Wu family decided to take their children to the hospital for treatment. The police said that as a kind of mental disease, depression is often neglected by people, even some people think it is the "way", "fuss" but this mental illness is like a stealth killer, slowly engulfed people’s life power and the desire for survival. Autumn, the seasons the prevalence of mental illness was picking up, the harm caused by depression should not be underestimated, the public should pay attention to. Links: causes of depression: 1, drug effects. Long term use of certain drugs, such as some high blood pressure drugs, treatment of arthritis or Parkinson’s disease drugs, will cause depression symptoms. 2, emotion and pressure. Learning, work pressure, family, friends or contradiction, suddenly experience larger negative energy events, such as unemployment, widowhood, economic difficulties. 3, psychological quality. Weak psychological quality, a small blow may also lead to depression. 4, bad habits. Long-term smoking, drugs and alcohol and other bad habits, may cause some of the brain. Kay相关的主题文章: