75Pregnant women self-care to avoid wrongdoing – Sohu maternal and child|Pregnant women self-care to avoid wrongdoing – Sohu maternal and child8

Pregnant women avoid the wrong behavior self care behavior of Sohu, a maternal error during pregnancy should be avoided in 1, too little sleep time is critical for pregnant women, although hormonal changes may cause you difficult to sleep, insomnia, but you still have to get more rest, one day at least 7 hours tax. 2, self medication you never know what kind of drug you take on the baby what kind of impact, therefore, do not self medication. If there is any discomfort, medical examination. Pregnant women should do self-care. 3, emotional pressure is too large during pregnancy you are prone to mood swings too much, resulting in pressure, tension, but this will have a negative impact on your health and your baby, so let yourself relax a little. 4, often eat too much during pregnancy should be extra calories, but does not mean you can eat special eat. Only 200 calories per day. Obesity can cause health problems. 5, avoid drinking boiling water for pregnant women is very easy because of fetal oppression and frequent urination, but if you don’t want to reduce the amount of water has been running toilet, can easily lead to inflammation of the bladder, and kidney inflammation. 6, eat too many sweets of pregnancy may make you very want to eat sweets, but eat too many sweets easily lead to complications such as gestational diabetes, so you should be appropriate, and replace with fresh fruit. 7, reduce exercise time during pregnancy you may be tired, nausea, vomiting, cause you do not want to move the body. However, lack of exercise can only make your health problems worse. Walking or yoga is a good choice. 8, have a negative mood your attitude will determine the state of the baby. Therefore, you should think about the bright side of things, think about how to get along with the baby in the future, education baby. Two, the correct way of health care during pregnancy, 1 healthy diet intake at this stage you need a lot of nutrients, so more intake of vitamins and minerals, they can make you healthy, also let the growth and development of fetal health. 2, moderate exercise forging moderate exercise can enhance your physical strength and immunity, but also allows you to labor easier, with a happy mood. Exercise at least 3 times a week. 3, have enough sleep, lack of sleep is easy to get sick, also can let your mood more volatile and low. Make sure you have at least 7~8 hours of sleep a day. You can use a pillow to sleep comfortably. 4, to avoid the bad habit of smoking, drinking and other bad habits should be avoided because they can damage the health of the baby, cause miscarriage, preterm birth and low birth weight problems.

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